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o0201073.010ve 1418 maggio 20 Cutting of a slab of privately-owned marble that is in the Opera. Ugo Alessandri - proprietario del marmo
o0201074.004vb 1418 agosto 4 Loan to the owner of a garden and shed of the value of that property and the relative gabelles in exchange for the usufruct with agreement to build a wall there and to make good other services. Ugo Alessandri - debitore
o0201074.010vb 1418 agosto 23 Term within which the shed and garden of the Alessandri must be consigned. Ugo Alessandri
o0201074.019f 1418 settembre 14 Authorization to the master builder, to the administrator and to the notary for the construction of a well in the garden of the Alessandri. Ugo Alessandri
o0201074.022vc 1418 ottobre 12 Construction of a wall with opening in the shed of the Alessandri and its boundaries. Ugo Alessandri
o0201074.041b 1418 ottobre 26 Payment for the purchase of bricks and flat bricks for the model of Brunelleschi and for other work. Ugo Alessandri
o0201074.041e 1418 ottobre 26 Payment for supply of mortar for the model of Brunelleschi and other work. Ugo Alessandri
o0201074.042c 1418 novembre 15 Payment for construction work on a shed. Ugo Alessandri
o0201074.043b 1418 novembre 16 Payment to a master for the construction of a well. Ugo Alessandri
o0201075.032vf 1419 giugno 9 Order to prepare two blocks in the shed for welding clappers and chains. Ugo Alessandri
o0201078.017b 1421 marzo 31 Authorization to the notary of the Opera to consign to the owner copy of the lease for the hill of Vincigliata. Ugo Alessandri - proprietario di (cava)
o0201081.010vc 1422 agosto 12 Commission to the administrator to contract out broad terracotta bricks. Ugo Alessandri - operaio
o0202001.004b 1425 luglio 30 Order to rent the Trassinaia quarry, except the part reserved by the owners, and compensation of damages made there. Ugo Alessandri
o0202001.038b 1426 luglio 30 Authority to the administrator of Trassinaia to have a trough made. Ugo Alessandri
o0202001.041h 1426 settembre 24 Authority to Brunelleschi and the (administrator) to lease the Trassinaia quarry. Ugo Alessandri
o0202001.063vd 1427 luglio 23 Gift of two work days and then of two thirds of the full expense of making a sandstone trough given to the sons of Ugo Alessandri. Ugo Alessandri
o0202001.118e 1429 dicembre 2 Term of payment for debt for forced loans. Ugo Alessandri
o0202001.198vf 1433 giugno 9 Loan of money to restore wall of the shed of the Tedaldi. Ugo Alessandri
o0202001.210a 1433/4 febbraio 3 Term for the forced sale to the Opera of a shed and of a garden intended for the use of Opera personnel. Ugo Alessandri
o0204008.033b 1418 novembre 15 Payment for work on a wall. Ugo Alessandri
o0204011.005a 1422 agosto 4 Record of the provost in office. Ugo Alessandri - operaio preposto
o0204011.005i 1422 agosto 7 Record of the provost in office. Ugo (Alessandri) - operaio preposto
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