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o0201070.006ve 1416/7 febbraio 9 Term of payment to the Commune of Borgo San Lorenzo. Text: edomodam nisi aliud deliberetur per operarios suprascriptos.
o0201070b.010f 1416/7 febbraio 26 Release of person arrested for paternal debt because he is a minor and has renouced the inheritance. Text: per eos aliud deliberetur.
o0201070b.011c 1416/7 marzo 2 Term of payment with obligation of guaranty and subsequent release of arrested debtor. Text: per dictos operarios deliberetur, quod ipse, factis
o0201070b.014ve 1416/7 marzo 11 Release of arrested person for debt registered under another name and order to the enjoined person to pay the expenditures. Text: gravetur, nisi aliud deliberetur per ipsos operarios;
o0201070b.018c 1417 aprile 16 Prohibition to extend or grant new term of payment if not unanimously approved. Text: habuerit, nisi prius deliberetur per omnes fabas
o0201070b.062a 1417 luglio 2 Guaranty for debt for new gabelles of the ecclesiastical establishsments of the Podesteria of Verghereto. Text: solvere, ita quod deliberetur per dictos operarios
o0201072.024ve 1417/8 febbraio 28 Guarantee of freedom from arrest for the guarantor of a parish for a debt of properties of the third year. Text: populo donec aliud deliberetur in contrarium.
o0201074.010va 1418 agosto 23 Rulings about the design or closing of the residence of the canons and for the building of two walls closing off two streets. Text: de novo aliud deliberetur per consules et
o0201074.010vb 1418 agosto 23 Term within which the shed and garden of the Alessandri must be consigned. Text: tempore fuerint dummodo deliberetur et dicatur dicto
o0201074.030vb 1418 dicembre 8 Term of payment to the Commune of Pisa. Text: terminum nisi aliud deliberetur per dictos operarios
o0201074.031vc 1418 dicembre 14 Restitution of pawn and revocation of tax because already paid. Text: per dictos operarios deliberetur etc. et quod
o0201075.029vb 1419 maggio 29 Prohibition to masters to work outside the Opera and prohibition to return without permission, under penalty of arrest. Text: Opere nisi primo deliberetur per operarios dicti
o0201076.010vf 1419 agosto 26 Letter to the Captain of Pisa with summons for some Pisan citizens and their incarceration. Text: aliud in contrarium deliberetur, tam ipsi quorum
o0201076.012vb 1419 settembre 4 Term for consignment of 300 florins to be deposited with the treasurer, with registration of the depositors among the creditors of the Opera. Text: Opere donec aliud deliberetur; et hoc presente
o0201076.016vc 1419 settembre 20 Term of payment for debt for property gabelle. Text: etc., nisi aliud deliberetur etc.
o0201076.016ve 1419 settembre 20 Revocation of demand of payment to a guarantor. Text: dictos operarios aliud deliberetur etc.
o0201076.017b 1419 settembre 20 Salary set for the accountants elected to audit the accounts of the treasurer, the notary and the administrator. Text: in casu quo deliberetur pro Arte Lane
o0201076.019a 1419 ottobre 10 Release of arrested person for debt for pardons of forced loans to be discounted from the credit for rent of the quarry of Monteferrato. Text: gravetur nisi aliud deliberetur, et iuxta partitam
o0201077.004vb 1419/20 gennaio 3 Prohibition to demand payment of debt for pardons of forced loans. Text: nisi aliud primo deliberetur.
o0201078.025va 1421 aprile 18 Ruling against two lumber suppliers who have not respected their agreement. Text: incidant, nisi aliud deliberetur per officium eorumdem,
o0201078.028vb 1421 aprile 29 Revocation of demand of payment for debt on grounds of penury. Text: officium eorumdem primo deliberetur.
o0201078.033va 1421 maggio 29 Detention of a unskilled worker at the Wool Guild. Text: et detineatur quousquealiud deliberetur, nulla tamen causa
o0201078.034c 1421 maggio 30 Suspension of appointment to the accountants. Text: aliud vel aliter deliberetur.
o0201078.084e 1421 aprile 2 Guaranty for debt for property gabelle with subsequent acquittal. Text: per officium operariorum deliberetur, Taddeus Zenobii Miglioris
o0201079.033va 1421 ottobre 16 Revocation of demand of payment for debt for herd livestock with release of arrested guarantor and payment injunction for the true debtor. Text: nisi in contrarium deliberetur, et fideiussor per
o0201079.038b 1421 ottobre 30 Deduction of property gabelle paid in the forced loans in other Commune. Text: concludente quod taliter deliberetur quod excomputatio fieri
o0201080.010ve 1421/2 febbraio 6 Threat of incarceration for two suppliers in case of failure to consign the marble for the cornice of the cupola. Text: quousque in contrarium deliberetur in casu quo
o0201081.009d 1422 agosto 7 Order to the master builder and scribe of the daily wages to oversee a disagreement in course for a private piece of land occupied by kilnmen and summons of the parties. Text: discordie nisi aliter deliberetur et utrique parti
o0202001.023g 1425/6 marzo 11 Authorization to the master builder and to Brunelleschi to continue the construction of the cupola for half a braccio in accordance with the report submitted. Text: aliud de novo deliberetur per operarios prefate
o0202001.031vc 1426 maggio 10 Prohibition to demand payment of the parish of San Giovanni of Senni for unregistered properties. Text: quousque aliud non deliberetur per prefatos operarios
o0202001.076vi 1427/8 gennaio 21 Site inspection by the master builder at the castle of Lastra and Malmantile. Text: interim donec aliud deliberetur per operarios muret
o0202001.098ve 1428/9 gennaio 7 Prohibition to supply broad bricks with the exception of 10 cartloads from the abbot of Settimo. Text: hec nisi aliud deliberetur per eorum offitium.
o0202001.102vc 1428/9 febbraio 23 Election of debt collector. Text: quousque aliud non deliberetur per dictum offitium
o0202001.123c 1429/30 febbraio 22 Prohibition to demand payment of debtor from Guardistallo. Text: Opere nisi aliud deliberetur per eorum offitium.
o0202001.132vc 1430 ottobre 3 Permission to a master to work below and prohibition to make him work on the cupola against his will. Text: offitium aliud non deliberetur.
o0202001.158vc 1432 aprile 24 Authorization to transfer the altarpiece of the Guild of the Masters to another altar and permission to have mass celebrated there. Text: donec aliud non deliberetur.
o0202001.160vb 1432 maggio 14 Revocation of a demand of payment for reasons of dowry. Text: Opere aliud non deliberetur.
o0202001.162b 1432 giugno 13 Order of arrest. Text: relapsetur donec aliud deliberetur per eorum offitum.
o0202001.168ve 1432 settembre 17 Nomination of stonecutters authorized to work on the ground. Text: Opere nisi aliud deliberetur per eorum offitium.
o0202001.174vd 1428/9 febbraio 25 Prohibition to exceed the sum foreseen for work in the houses of the canons, chaplains and clerics. Text: et ante omnia deliberetur per offitia dictorum
o0202001.202vf 1433 luglio 7 Prohibition to continue a marble figure because not well made. Text: et ante omnia deliberetur per eorum offitium,
o0202001.215f 1434 aprile 22 Concession of a house to two masters of glass oculi. Text: per eorum offitium deliberetur domino Dominico priori
o0202001.217i 1434 giugno 1 Prohibition to sell a pawn and letter to the Podestà of Terranuova. Text: donec aliud non deliberetur per eorum offitium;
o0202001.226vc 1434/5 gennaio 28 Term of payment to a debtor. Text: et ubi aliud deliberetur per eorum offitium
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