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o0201070.010a 1416/7 marzo 2 Rulings for collection of rights owed by the treasurers of the salt and wine gabelles. Text: et sic non possunt ordinare solvere camerario
o0201070.026d 1417 giugno 30 Payment conditional on the consignment of a supply of broad bricks. Text: non debent vel possunt ei solvi nisi
o0201070b.007vg 1416/7 febbraio 12 Prohibition to demand payment from the doctors and the students of the Florentine Studio for debts of their communes. Text: vel gravari non possunt etc.
o0201074.004va 1418 agosto 4 Authorization to pay work, materials and transport of a model for the armature of the cupola. Text: et seu petere possunt a dicto Opere
o0201074.008vf 1418 agosto 18 Release of person arrested for a livestock gabelle and letter to the Captain of Volterra to force the owners of the animals to pay the gabelle. Text: debent et cogi possunt et debent etc.
o0201074.012vb 1418 agosto 31 Sentence to reduce the new gabelles imposed against the Commune of Castiglione Fiorentino, in virtue of the authority attributed to the wardens to examine the protest of immunity advanced by the men of said Commune. Text: de iuri cogi possunt ad solutionem dictarum
o0201074.020c 1418 settembre 23 Letter to the Captain of Pisa to order the restitution of money received for the sale of a marble slab and to notify that the marble slabs of the Opera cannot be sold. Text: quoniam vendi non possunt, sub pena contra
o0201074.033vc 1418 luglio 19 Payment for an audit of the accounts of the previous treasurer. Text: et seu petere possunt ab Opere dicta
o0201074.059e 1418 dicembre 22 Payment for a model of the main cupola. Text: et seu petere possunt a dicto Opere,
o0201075.005a 1418/9 gennaio 30 Destruction of the wall to reopen the passageway to the church of San Piero Celoro. Text: dictam clausuram non possunt et non volunt
o0201075.014a 1418/9 marzo 24 Letter to the Captain of Pisa regarding the failure to answer summons on the part of debtors. Text: vident quod non possunt executioni mictere eorum
o0201075.045c 1418/9 gennaio 23 Salary of the accountants. Text: et seu petere possunt ab Opere dicta
o0201075.046va 1418/9 marzo 17 Payment for paintings of arms and other paintings for Santa Maria Novella. Text: debent seu petere possunt ab Opere dicta
o0201076.025b 1419 ottobre 30 Prohibition to demand payment for debt of pardons of forced loans because of preceding dotal rights. Text: que gravari non possunt sunt ista, videlicet:
o0201076.051va 1419 settembre 13 Payment to the accountants elected to audit the accounts of the previous treasurer. Text: et seu petere possunt ab Opere dicta
o0201076.076ve 1419 dicembre 15 Guaranty for debt for pardons, forced loans and property gabelle. Text: potest et seu possunt pro tota summa
o0201077.004vi 1419/20 gennaio 3 Term of payment for debt for property gabelle. Text: Nerii si reperire possunt.
o0201077.008d 1419/20 gennaio 18 Revocation of demand of payment for debt for property gabelle to the rector of the church of San Giusto a Trebbio. Text: postulantibus in quantum possunt favorabiliter complacere, servatis
o0201077.042va 1420 maggio 29 Prohibition to masters to absent themselves or dedicate themselves to other work without permission, before the completion of the tribune. Text: et minime negare possunt, volentes predictis providere
o0201078.004vc 1420/1 gennaio 23 Letter to the Canigiani and their associates, bankers in Pisa, ordering them to pay the bargemen for supply and freight of marble as far as the city. Text: sine facere non possunt, et volentes ad
o0201078.029d 1421 maggio 5 Oath of wardens. Text: dicte Opere fieri possunt, sub penis et
o0201078.038vd 1421 giugno 10 Charge to the provost to set terms of payment for debts to communes, parishes, places and persons. Text: et expediri non possunt, nec liberari, quia
o0201078.043c 1421 giugno 18 Election of a third accountant to assist the two previously elected. Text: sunt, predictis intendere possunt, servatis servandis ut
o0201080.027vd 1422 aprile 29 New agreement for hoisting stones and other loads up to the cupola with a pair of oxen and revocation of previous contract. Text: et que fieri possunt cum homine et
o0201080.032c 1422 maggio 20 Revocation of tare on the price of the marble ordered for the cornice of the cupola. Text: ex quo dici possunt maximum dapnum substinere,
o0201081.009va 1422 agosto 7 Order to report to the debtors' registry the debtors in arrears for the new gabelles. Text: secundum ordinamenta describi possunt, tradantur in scriptis
o0201081.012vd 1422 agosto 26 Sale of stones extracted in excess from the Rinucci quarry. Text: lapidibus quot trahi possunt de cava conducta
o0201081.023a 1422 ottobre 6 Dispatch to debtors' registry for the second forced loan of the third year of the new gabelles. Text: dicti Communis transmicti possunt et non alii.
o0201081.031vc 1422 dicembre 9 Restitution of pawn to person enjoined to pay as possessor of properties of debtor with agreement that he undertake to pay the debt, if no heirs are found. Text: reperiantur qui gravari possunt et graventur cum
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen. Text: pretio minuito non possunt cum eorum salvatione
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen. Text: predictos fieri non possunt secundum diminutionem predictam
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen. Text: dicti conductores non possunt conducere nec conduci
o0201082.015va 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnman for broad bricks. Text: fornaciarii antedicti non possunt dictam conductam facere
o0201082.072vb 1423 aprile 28 Payment to kilnmen for transport of broad bricks. Text: quos denarios non possunt extribui nisi in
o0201086.005a 1424/5 febbraio 27 Term of payment for debt for property gabelle. Text: quicquid volunt et possunt de iure, alias
o0201086.044va 1424/5 febbraio 27 Payment for the construction of the walls and doors of the castle of Lastra. Text: 4, et non possunt solvi et poni
o0202001.029va 1426 aprile 29 Dismissal of masters in excess to reduce the expenditures for the construction of the cupola. Text: qui ad presens possunt dimicti et plures
o0202001.088va 1428 luglio 27 Tare on supply of marble in part refused because black or not acceptable. Text: volentes quanto magis possunt Operam indempnem conservare,
o0202001.140vc 1431 aprile 18 Temporary revocation of demand of payment for pardons of forced loans and new demand of payment or summons of the holders of the debtors' properties. Text: quicquid volunt et possunt de iure et
o0202001.179a 1434 aprile 22 Construction of two, rather than three, houses for chaplains in the cloister of the chapter. Text: in dicto terreno possunt fieri due bone
o0202001.210vc 1433/4 febbraio 11 Evacuation of a house of a fugitive or his arrest. Text: capi; et si possunt quovis modo capi,
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