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o0201075.046va 1418/9 marzo 17 Payment for paintings of arms and other paintings for Santa Maria Novella. Text: et etiam tetigit quosdam flores in dicta
o0201077.004c 1419/20 gennaio 3 Letter to the Podestà of Prato for demand of payment to the debtors. Text: gravet ad solvendum quosdam in eius officio
o0201077.019va 1419/20 febbraio 13 Release of debt collector arrested for unauthorized distraint of pawns. Text: de eo facta quosdam pignoravit, relapsetur gratis
o0201077.039vb 1420 maggio 9 Term of payment to the Commune of Campiglia Marittima for debt for proprety gabelle with letter to the Captain for demand of payment of foreigners' properties. Text: dicti Communis gravet quosdam forenses dicti loci
o0201077.040a 1420 maggio 14 Appraisal of an unfinished figure. Text: extimatione facta per quosdam intelligentes ad infrascripta
o0201078.003d 1420/1 gennaio 9 Letter to the Ten of Pisa to summon the makers of ropes to have them made as promised. Text: eis cogi facere quosdam magistros canaporum ad
o0201079.052vb 1421 dicembre 23 Term of payment for balance of gabelles in part cancelled on grounds of penury to the Commune of Cortona and letter to the Priors of the city of Cortona for collection of the debt. Text: deliberatione facta per quosdam officiales, de qua
o0201080.019c 1421/2 marzo 17 Summons of the notaries who bought the gabelle of the civil court of Pisa for the payment of the 4 denari per lira due to the Opera in accordance with legal counsel obtained. Text: intellectis allegatis per quosdam ex eis pro
o0201081.005d 1422 luglio 17 Election of commission to decide about possible damages suffered by the Opera for supply of broad bricks unsuitable for quality and size. Text: parte una et quosdam fornaciarios quadronum ex
o0201081.025vd 1422 ottobre 16 Order to the administrator to have the verses called for by the captains of Orsanmichele in honor of the Popolo inscribed in the Pope's residence. Text: operariorum dicte Opere quosdam versus fecit et
o0201081.033va 1422 dicembre 17 Injunction to owner of weir, who has damaged the Opera by not allowing lumber to pass, to pay the cost incurred for services of a hauler. Text: quamplures menses per quosdam foderatores lignaminis dicte
o0201081.055a 1422 agosto 28 Contract for various hardware with set price approved by the consuls of the Wool Guild. Text: maneriebus infrascriptis per quosdam fabros pro certis
o0201086.017vc 1425 maggio 21 Confirmation of the contract made to the masters of the castle of Malmantile and here transcribed and undersigned by the interested parties, because it had not been copied by the previous notary. Text: dicte Opere per quosdam tunc operarios prefate
o0202001.009d 1425 settembre 3 Dispatch of the notary of the Opera to Vicopisano for litigation with demand of payment of the adversary for the restitution of the expenditures incurred. Text: et examinari faciendum quosdam testes in quadam
o0202001.033b 1426 maggio 17 Letters to the captains of Pisa and Livorno about the white marble to be conveyed. Text: in conducendo per quosdam barchaiuolos totum marmorem
o0202001.035vb 1426 giugno 13 Acquittal to the Commune of Corniolo for lumber drawn from the forest and letter about the payment for the same. Text: et conducto per quosdam extipendiarios existentes ad
o0202001.048f 1426 dicembre 30 Counsel to be sought concerning litigation for payment made to the treasurer of the forced loans to be deducted in the distribution of the ventina tax. Text: de Medicis et quosdam alios de quibusdam
o0202001.052a 1426/7 febbraio 11 Acquittal from penalty with restitution of deposit. Text: differentia existente inter quosdam homines et personas,
o0202001.052a 1426/7 febbraio 11 Acquittal from penalty with restitution of deposit. Text: dictum Taddeum et quosdam fuisse condempnatus ad
o0202001.109b 1429 luglio 6 Letter of summons to the (guard of the forest) for the cutting of two poles. Text: de Biffolis per quosdam de duobus stanghis
o0202001.116c 1429 novembre 4 Authorization to pay master for work done at Malmantile, granting him the completion of the work. Text: rapporta facta per quosdam magistros lapidum vigore
o0202001.119va 1429 dicembre 23 Letter to the vicar of Lari for verification of identity of a debtor for new gabelles. Text: de Castro Amselmi quosdam porcos anno Domini
o0202001.132l 1430 settembre 30 Legal counsel for a lawsuit with a debtor. Text: dictum Donatum et quosdam alios ex parte
o0202001.139a 1430/1 marzo 14 Dismissal of masters who have ruined some stones. Title: Contra quosdam magistros
o0202001.147vb 1431 agosto 21 Removal of the household goods from the houses of the chaplains who failed to observe liturgical duties. Title: Contra cappellanos quosdam ecclesie maioris
o0202001.153b 1431/2 gennaio 14 Letter to the rectors of the countryside that they demand payment from debtors for the work at Castellina. Title: Contra quosdam debitores muramenti Castelline
o0202001.153b 1431/2 gennaio 14 Letter to the rectors of the countryside that they demand payment from debtors for the work at Castellina. Text: ad ipsorum instantiam quosdam homines qui receperunt
o0202001.157l 1432 aprile 3 Registration of the days worked preparing scaffolding to install the stained-glass window of the chapel of Saint Zenobius. Text: operas prestitas per quosdam magistros Opere in
o0202001.215e 1434 aprile 22 Letter to the Captain of Campiglia for the sale of hardware. Text: presens existentia penes quosdam homines sibi suppositos
o0202001.215h 1434 aprile 22 Order slip to the rectors to punish the profaners of the monuments of the church. Text: hac nocte per quosdam, nomina quorum ignorantur,
o0202001.216vc 1434 maggio 14 Acceptance of badly fired broad bricks with discount. Text: eorum caputmagister acceptet quosdam quadrones terre Ugolini
o0202001.230f 1435 aprile 11 Letter to the Captain of Livorno asking him to demonstrate his rights over some raftsmen of lumber in a controversy at the court of the guild of the masters. Text: qua habet contra quosdam foderatores lignaminis dicte
o0202001.232c 1435 aprile 28 Term of payment to the Commune of Bibbiena for the wine and butchering tax and letter to the Podestà for demand of payment of the (debtors) with release of arrested person. Text: Bibbiene quod gravetur quosdam homines obligatos ad
o0202001.232f 1435 aprile 29 Acquittal from the accusation made to raftsmen about damages caused to a weir by the passage of lumber. Text: dictis foderatoribus per quosdam foderos lignaminis ipsorum
o0202001.251b 1435/6 marzo 19 Registration of a day's work less for six masters absent the day of the donation of the rose with obligation to be available on the day of the consecration of the Duomo. Title: Contra quosdam magistros
o0202001.251va 1435/6 marzo 22 Release of arrested person for debt (of the Commune) of Borgo San Lorenzo and letter to the Podestà instructing him to demand payment of individual debtors. Text: Burgi quod gravet quosdam obligatos ad dictum
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