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o0201079.023e 1421 settembre 5 Authority to the 4 cupola officials for the purchase of chestnut lumber for the chains. conduttori di legname
o0201078.029vc 1421 maggio 5 Authorization to give a stonecutter money, for which he will be registered as debtor and have to render account, in order to pay the lumber suppliers. conduttori di legname
o0201079.026vb 1421 settembre 17 Authorization to the provost with one of the wardens to set and allocate the amount the suppliers must reimburse to the stonecutter sent to the forest to solicit them. conduttori (di legname)
o0202001.211b 1433/4 febbraio 19 Commission for cutting of timbers for an oratory in Pisa. conduttori di legname
o0201078.033vb 1421 maggio 30 Commission to the administrator to check the account of defaulting suppliers of lumber and restitution of what has been paid to them. conduttori di legname
o0201077.074va 1420 marzo 29 Contract for cutting and trimming of lumber with concession of advance. conduttori di legname
o0201081.032a 1422 dicembre 9 Contract for supply of lumber. conduttori di legname
o0201079.040vb 1421 novembre 5 Credit to stonecutter for having paid 4 lumber suppliers. conduttori di legname
o0201081.033va 1422 dicembre 17 Injunction to owner of weir, who has damaged the Opera by not allowing lumber to pass, to pay the cost incurred for services of a hauler. conduttori di legname
o0201077.030vb 1420 aprile 1 Letter to lumber suppliers to solicit consignment. conduttori di legname
o0201070.002a 1416/7 gennaio 4 Letter to the lumber suppliers instructing them to respect the consignment agreements. conduttori di legname
o0202001.033c 1426 maggio 17 Letter to the Podestà of Dicomano instructing him to make provision for repairing the road ruined by the war which is useful for conveying lumber to the Opera. conduttori di legname
o0201078.033vc 1421 maggio 30 Order to a stonecutter for a trip to the Alps for transport of lumber. conduttori di legname
o0201079.012a 1421 agosto 14 Order to the administrator to check personally the lumber conveyed to the port of San Francesco and keep note of the shipments consigned. conduttori di legname
o0201079.024vc 1421 settembre 11 Order to the administrator to register in the account of each lumber supplier the amount supplied by him. conduttori di legname
o0201075.005vd 1418/9 febbraio 3 Order to the lumber suppliers to respect the agreements. conduttori di legname
o0204009.018d 1421/2 marzo 11 Payment for cutting and trimming of fir lumber. conduttori di legname
o0201079.078f 1421 novembre 5 Payment for reimbursement of travel expenditures to have lumber transported. conduttori di legname
o0201079.066d 1421 luglio 11 Payment to Jacopo of Sandro to have the Opera's lumber towed by various contractors. conduttori di legname
o0204008.115va 1421 luglio 11 Payment to Jacopo of Sandro to have the Opera's lumber towed by various contractors. conduttori di legname
o0204004.002m 1432 giugno 13 Prohibition to the Opera personnel to enter into contracts for the supply of wood. conduttori di legname
o0201079.016vc 1421 agosto 20 Ruling in favor of lender of horses for a lost saddle with deduction from the salary of the person responsible and, for the horse, from the fees of the defaulting lumber suppliers. conduttori di legname
o0201083.002vd 1423 luglio 5 Ruling in favor of lumber raftsman for collection of monies from the suppliers. conduttori (di legname)
o0201079.031ve 1421 ottobre 11 Term for consignment to lumber suppliers with penalty for every towload not conveyed. fratelli di Nanni di Braccino - conduttori di legname
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