The Years of the Cupola – Studies

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The Years of the Cupola – Studies
Gli anni della Cupola – Studi

ISSN: 2364-6373



Margaret Haines


Managing Editor

Lorenzo Fabbri


Editorial committee

Margaret Haines

Gabriella Battista

Lorenzo Fabbri

Giuseppe Giari



Pierluigi Terenzi


Jochen Büttner (direction)

Klaus Thoden

Pierluigi Terenzi


The Years of the Cupola – Studies is an open access scholarly journal that publishes original research which can be freely consulted and downloaded.


The Years of the Cupola – Studies evaluates submissions by the double blind peer review process.

The copyright of the articles belongs to the authors.

The authors retain publication rights of their articles, which they can redistribute and freely publish in other venues.

No article submission or processing charge (ACP) is asked of authors.


Consult and download: Editorial guidelines for authors (pdf)


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