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o0201070b.006vg 1416/7 febbraio 9 Open letters to debt collectors to permit them to demand payment in the countryside with salary set by the officials of the new gabelles. rettori
o0201076.015ve 1419 settembre 13 Letters to the debt collectors with information for the podestàs about the obligation of the treasurers to collect 5 lire for every account entry owed to the Opera and to pay the sums collected. rettori
o0201077.024vc 1419/20 febbraio 29 Authorization to the debt collectors to collect upon presentation of letter. rettori
o0201077.037d 1420 aprile 18 Term of payment to the parish of Sant'Agata of the baptismal parish of San Piero a Sieve for debt for gabelle on properties and persons and letter to the rectors for demand of payment. rettori
o0201078.029va 1421 maggio 5 Order for demand of payment with penalty to the debtors on commission of the administrator and notary of the Wool Guild and the Opera. rettori
o0201078.031vd 1421 maggio 24 Rulings for release of arrested persons with at least 4 favorable votes. rettori
o0201079.008ve 1421 luglio 24 Ruling to send debt collectors into countryside to demand payment of debtors and letter to the rectors of the countryside instructing them to assist said debt collectors. rettori
o0201079.047e 1421 dicembre 4 Letter to Podestà, rectors and bankers of Pisa in favor of master for supply of marble. rettori
o0201080.013c 1421/2 febbraio 25 Letter to the rectors and to officials about the right of carry out their work in accordance with the ordinances. rettori
o0201086.009a 1425 aprile 3 Letter to the Podestà of Gangalandi instructing him to order two masters in disagreement to elect an arbitrator to make compromise and another letter with exemption of demand of payment for the workers of Lastra and Malmantile. rettori
o0201086.014vc 1425 aprile 28 Letter to a debt collector enabling him to demand payment in countryside. rettori
o0202001.093vf 1428 novembre 15 Order to the debt collector to demand payment of debtors, term of payment, nomination of treasurer for the collections and letter to the rectors. rettori
o0202001.122ve 1429/30 febbraio 14 Recovery of stones and columns in an abandoned church near the castle of Vada and letters to the Podestà of Rosignano and to the vicar of Lari for collaboration. rettori
o0202001.128vi 1430 giugno 22 Letter to the rectors to demand payment of debtor at the instance of another debtor and relative deduction of the amount from the debt of the person requesting. rettori
o0202001.132vd 1430 ottobre 3 Revocation of demand of payment, on condition, in accordance with a legal counsel. rettori
o0202001.205c 1433 settembre 16 Order to send masters to the Pisan countryside to recover bells and hardware and dispatch of letters to the rectors. rettori
o0204004.015f 1432 dicembre 9 Prohibition to the messengers to carry out demands of payment for the countryside and order to send letters to the rectors, vicars and podestàs. rettori
o0204004.025vi 1433 luglio 31 Letter to the Captain of Cortona for term of payment. rettori
o0204011.018g 1424 novembre 7 Order to the notary of the Opera to write letters to the rectors for demands of payment. rettori
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