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o0204034.011vd 1424/5 marzo 24 Account of carter.
o0801001.086vd 1434 dicembre 17 Account of the (notary of the Opera) for a journey to Lucca.
o0202001.200vc 1433 giugno 15 Assignment of house to a chaplain and reimbursement of expenditures for to Lucca for marble.
o0202001.124g 1429/30 marzo 18 Authorization to Brunelleschi to serve the Ten of War in the war of Lucca with suspension of his salary.
o0801001.031va 1434 agosto 25 Collective account with various motives.
o0202001.204a 1433 luglio 31 Election of debt collector and letter to the rectors of the countryside prohibiting demand of payment in the places struck by wars.
o0801001.014vc 1434 agosto 13 Individual account for days worked, supply and transport of marble.
o0204004.022u 1433 giugno 4 Letter to Lucca for questions concerning marble.
o0202001.208vc 1433 dicembre 30 Letter to the Elders and to the Standard bearer of Lucca for the restitution of marble.
o0202001.205a 1433 settembre 1 Letter to the Elders of Lucca to obtain the release of marble worked before the war.
o0204004.027a 1433 settembre 1 Letter to the Elders of Lucca to solicit the release of the Opera's marble.
o0204011.021vc 1425 marzo 27 Letter to the Lord of Lucca asking him to permit the transit of white marble.
o0204011.028a 1425 settembre 18 Letter to the Lord of Lucca for the use of the road on the part of the suppliers of white marble.
o0202001.009vc 1425 settembre 18 Letter to the Lord of Lucca requesting him to allow passage of the suppliers of white marble through the territory from the port of Motrone to the Serchio river.
o0202001.035a 1426 giugno 7 Letter to the Lord of Lucca requesting him to permit the transit of white marble suppliers up to the sea.
o0202001.015vc 1425 novembre 23 Letter to the Podestà of Vicopisano instructing him to demand payment of debtor for a piece of land located at Cesano, which is the object of litigation with the Opera.
o0202001.225vc 1434 dicembre 17 Order for a trip to Lucca to obtain the permit to remove marble from Carrara.
o0204013.081vc 1434 settembre 15 Payment for a trip to Lucca and Pisa for the transport of marble.
o0204013.057vr 1433 giugno 15 Payment for a trip to Lucca.
o0204013.085vg 1434 dicembre 29 Payment for expenditures for the trip to Lucca for marble.
o0204013.056vo 1433 giugno 4 Payment for trip to Lucca with letter for the Elders.
o0202001.246g 1435 dicembre 30 Prohibition to demand payment from suppliers for failure to consign marble because of the Lucca war.
o0202001.201ve 1433 giugno 30 Registration of the daily wages of a person sent to Carrara.
o0202001.205f 1433 settembre 16 Registration of the payment made to the masters for laying waste to the rebel castles of the Pisan countryside.
o0202001.126va 1430 aprile 21 Rehiring of masters who went to the Lucca war at the command of the Ten of War.
o0202001.199e 1433 giugno 4 Request to the Signori for letter to the Elders of Lucca to permit transit of marble.
o0204012.130b 1430 aprile 8 Salary of Brunelleschi.
o0201080.006d 1421/2 gennaio 14 Term of payment for property gabelle to the rector of San Giovanni to Cornazzano and Castelfalfi.
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