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o0201078.008bisvb 1420/1 febbraio 17 Order to withhold from a contract for supply of mortar the expenditures incurred by the stonecutter sent to check. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0201078.008bisvc 1420/1 febbraio 17 Sale of big fir logs previously transported to the Opera with excess transport costs at the expense of the purchaser. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0201078.065f 1420/1 febbraio 17 Payment to a supplier for lumber conveyed or still to be transported. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0201078.010b 1420/1 marzo 3 Oath of a warden and letter to the Ten Supervisors of Pisa for the shipping of marble for the closing of the third tribune. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0201078.011c 1420/1 marzo 10 Oath of warden and term of payment to a debtor. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0201078.012c 1420/1 marzo 11 Unfinished act. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0201078.015ve 1421 marzo 27 Order of arrest and detention of a messenger. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0201078.018vc 1421 aprile 5 Cancellation of debt for property and herd livestock gabelles due to debtor's exemption. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0201078.059va 1421 aprile 5 Contract to three stonecutters to quarry stones for the cupola in the Trassinaia quarry. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0201078.022b 1421 aprile 11 Sale of stones for make the oculus of the church of San Niccolò. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0201078.069b 1421 aprile 16 Payment to accountants to review the accounts of the past treasurer. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0204011.004c 1422 luglio 17 Ruling for the broad bricks consigned by the kilnmen. Pagnozzo Ridolfi
o0201082.018g 1423 giugno 2 Authorization to the master builder to affix crockets over the portal towards the Servites and spiral columns on the chapel windows. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0201082.019b 1423 giugno 2 Correction and reduction of supply contract with kilnman. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0201082.075e 1423 giugno 2 Balance of payment to kilnman. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0204011.012i 1423 giugno 9 Record of the provost in office. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio preposto
o0204011.013m 1423 agosto 27 Record of the provost in office. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio preposto
o0202001.099f 1428/9 gennaio 28 Approval of guarantor for tax on house. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0202001.101h 1428/9 febbraio 17 Letter to the Podestà of Pontedera and Ponsacco for demand of payment on properties. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0202001.100vh 1428/9 febbraio 18 Term of payment given to debtors. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0202001.101vd 1428/9 febbraio 23 Approval of guarantor and term for restitution for the amount of the damages of a theft. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0202001.102vf 1428/9 marzo 12 Extension for the payment of tax on house and stoppage of prebend to canon for the duration of a permission to live outside the cloister. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0202001.103va 1429 marzo 30 Authority to Brunelleschi and the master builder for the cloister of the canons and clerics. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0202001.103vc 1429 aprile 5 Term of payment to rector. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0202001.104b 1429 aprile 12 Order to the administrator and the notary of the Opera to collect credits and solicitation of the treasurer of the Commune of Florence to pay the amount collected. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0202001.104c 1429 aprile 12 Order to the administrator to enjoin the treasurers of the Commune for the amount due to the Opera with term of payment, under penalty of dismissal from office. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
o0202001.104ve 1429 aprile 15 Salary set for masters for the summer. Pagnozzo Ridolfi - operaio
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