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o0201073.025c 1418 giugno 30 Restitution of pawn as testamentary tax was already paid. Text: quia solvit iam diu pro alio testamento
o0201073.025vc 1418 giugno 30 Compensation to an unskilled worker injured by the hoisting wheel. Text: consuetudinem hactenus et diu in Opere observatam
o0201073b.007vg 1418 maggio 28 Letter to the Podestà of Calci to revoke a demand of payment of debt for the new gabelles. Text: ipsum Puccettum iam diu datis Francisco Baldi,
o0201074.002vd 1418 luglio 8 Revocation of salary allowances. Text: consuete dari iam diu, intelligantur esse et
o0201074.011e 1418 agosto 26 Cancellation of a tax on livestock because of exemption in the commune where it is kept. Text: ipse Paulus iam diu ibi habitavit etc.
o0201076.014vb 1419 settembre 12 Revocation of demand of payment for debt for forced loans on properties not possessed by the person enjoined to pay because of division arbitration. Text: etc., licet iam diu fuerint dicte domus
o0201076.025d 1419 ottobre 30 Cancellation of debt for exemption granted by the Commune to the debtor and his descendents. Text: Commune Florentie iam diu concesse dicto Milano
o0201076.026a 1419 ottobre 24 Term of payment to the Commune of Pisa for debt for pardons with obligation to pay a percentage to the accountant. Text: considerantes quod iam diu dictum Commune Pisarum
o0201076.026a 1419 ottobre 24 Term of payment to the Commune of Pisa for debt for pardons with obligation to pay a percentage to the accountant. Text: fuerint termini iam diu elapsi, dictum Commune
o0201076.050h 1419 luglio 19 Balance of payment for the purchase of sandstone gutter spouts. Text: missarum Operi iam diu pro secunda tribunetta
o0201076.050vd 1419 settembre 12 Payment for balance of pawn sold. Text: dicto Opere iam diu venditi et de
o0201078.007vb 1420/1 gennaio 31 Rulings regarding coarse firewood to be transported to the Opera, with separate account kept by the administrator. Text: ligna grossa iam diu incisa et laborata
o0201078.008bisc 1420/1 febbraio 12 Authorization to sell pawns with obligation of proclamation to protect the interests of the distrained persons. Text: consistunt et iam diu steterunt et quod
o0201081.055a 1422 agosto 28 Contract for various hardware with set price approved by the consuls of the Wool Guild. Text: intellecto qualiter iam diu pro ipsa Opera
o0201086.017vc 1425 maggio 21 Confirmation of the contract made to the masters of the castle of Malmantile and here transcribed and undersigned by the interested parties, because it had not been copied by the previous notary. Text: castrum Malmantilis iam diu inceptum fuit et
o0201086.023va 1425 giugno 19 Order to repossess cloth hangings and other things given in loan and to draw up an inventory of such furnishings. Text: res Opere iam diu comodatas quibusdam personis
o0202001.013h 1425 novembre 7 Election of a lawyer for a lawsuit in course over a piece of land located in the Commune of Cesano. Text: dictas partes iam diu et de termina
o0202001.018va 1425 dicembre 13 Letter to the Captain of Volterra with summons for defaulting kilnman. Text: quadam sotietate iam diu insimul inter eos
o0202001.032vb 1426 maggio 15 Authorization to repair the roof of the square of the Signori at the expense of the Opera. Text: Opere ut iam diu fuit ordinatum per
o0202001.188vg 1432 ottobre 17 Sentence for delay in the consignment of sawing of lumber as contracted. Text: certum terminum iam diu elapsum et considerantes
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