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o0201080.003vc 1421/2 gennaio 9 Demand of payment to the debtors of the Florentine countryside. Text: comitatus Florentie de gravando ipsos debitores ad
o0201080.013c 1421/2 febbraio 25 Letter to the rectors and to officials about the right of carry out their work in accordance with the ordinances. Text: commissum fuerit de gravando seu de mandatis
o0201073.012d 1418 giugno 1 Terms given to the debt collectors to return and repeal of orders to the podestàs for demands of payment. Text: cuicumque Potestati de gravando, et sub pena
o0202001.223b 1434 ottobre 22 Authority to the notary of the Opera to write letters about debtors to the rectors of the countryside and district. Text: debitores Opere de gravando ipsos debitores Opere
o0201072.017vd 1417/8 febbraio 5 Open letters for the debt collectors so that they not be hindered in the collections of the credits of the Opera. Text: è stato commesso, gravando e sopradetti debitori
o0201080.058va 1422 maggio 5 Contract for 1.600.000 broad bricks to be manufactured in four years in the Settimo kiln and relative guaranty. Text: et favorem in gravando et gravari faciendo
o0201079.050ve 1421 dicembre 19 Term of payment for unspecified debt to the parish of San Giovanni di Senni. Text: et singulis pro gravando obbligatos ad solutionem.
o0202001.166vd 1432 luglio 30 Reduction of the rights due to the debt collectors for having distrained a guarantor for a fraction of the debt. Text: fuit preceptum de gravando dictum Silvestrum pro
o0201077.007a 1419/20 gennaio 10 Notification to messengers and debt collectors of means and schedules for demand of payment and distraint to debtors. Text: in pignorando et gravando debitores dicte Opere
o0201080.021e 1422 marzo 31 Concession of help to (kiln contractor) to pay the carters. Text: Item quod in gravando carradores quoscumque ad
o0202001.093vf 1428 novembre 15 Order to the debt collector to demand payment of debtors, term of payment, nomination of treasurer for the collections and letter to the rectors. Text: novis gabellis, non gravando quovis modo illos
o0202001.173c 1428 aprile 22 Demand of payment from debtors. Text: offitia de non gravando certos debitores Opere
o0201078.012vb 1420/1 marzo 11 Prohibition to demand payment from debtors for testaments made before 1400. Text: personam, nec de gravando aliqua commissio ab
o0201070b.006c 1416/7 febbraio 9 Prohibition to debt collectors, who have not been elected and have not supplied guaranty to properly carry out their appointment, to make demand payment and take the books of debtors outside the Opera, under penalty. Text: pro riscontrando pro gravando extra domum Operis
o0201074.028a 1418 novembre 15 Authorization to the administrator and to the notary of the Opera to set the compensation of the debt collectors for every demand of payment. Text: quolibet gravato sive gravando etc.
o0201085.002vb 1424 novembre 7 Order to demand payment of debtors with letter of instructions to the rectors of the city, countryside and district. Text: realiter et personaliter gravando ad petitionem dictorum
o0202001.222vg 1434 ottobre 22 Letter to a supplier instructing him to convey lumber and threat to write to the Podestà. Title: ad Sevem de gravando Manninum
o0202001.216g 1434 maggio 12 Letter to the Captain of Arezzo about the demand of payment made to the treasurers of the suburbs. Title: Capitaneo Aretii de gravando certos camerarios cortinarum
o0202001.129e 1430 settembre 6 Letter to the debt collectors to demand payment of debtors. Title: fiende exactoribus pro gravando debitores Opere
o0202001.223b 1434 ottobre 22 Authority to the notary of the Opera to write letters about debtors to the rectors of the countryside and district. Title: notarium offitii de gravando debitores Opere ad
o0202001.109d 1429 luglio 6 Letter to the Podestà of Arezzo for demand of payment of debtors. Title: Potestati Aretii de gravando filios ser Macharii
o0202001.050vd 1426/7 gennaio 31 Letter to the Podestà of Pisa for demand of payment of bargemen and coercion of the same to take marble to Signa. Title: Potestati Pisarum de gravando schrafaiuolos pro marmore
o0201079.008ve 1421 luglio 24 Ruling to send debt collectors into countryside to demand payment of debtors and letter to the rectors of the countryside instructing them to assist said debt collectors. Title: Pro exactoribus pro gravando
o0202001.124vg 1430 marzo 30 Letter to the vicar of San Miniato for demand of payment of the guarantors of the priory of Marcignana. Title: Sancti Miniatis de gravando heredes Pieri Fenzi
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