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o0201072.041a 1418 aprile 7 Release of an arrested person with agreement that he return pawns, and promise of restitution of the remainder. Text: et facta dicta promissione relasetur.
o0201073b.004vb 1418 aprile 29 Sequestration of the rent of a house belonging to a debtor. Text: postea per eum promissione de solvendo Operi
o0201074.018vc 1418 settembre 6 Permission to a master to work outside the Opera, provided that first he free the Opera from a promise made for him from the treasurer. Text: liberaverit Opus a promissione librarum viginti quam
o0201074.027vb 1418 novembre 15 Letter to a kilnman with summons for ratification of contract for broad bricks and his guarantee of indemnity to the Opera for the rent of the kiln. Text: Opus indempne a promiss(ione) pens(ionis) furnacium etc.
o0201075.073vd 1419 marzo 31 Guaranty for debt for new gabelles of the Florentine abbey. Text: et de dicta promissione apparet in quaterno
o0201077.008c 1419/20 gennaio 18 Term of payment for debt for property gabelle with restitution of pawn. Text: futuros; et facta promissione et oblatione predicta
o0201077.011b 1419/20 gennaio 23 Restitution of pawns for debt of the gabelle on contracts. Text: credito, prout de promissione constare viderunt, et
o0201077.037vc 1420 aprile 19 Letter to the Podestà of Bibbiena for guaranty to be provided by debtors. Text: dicte Opere ex promissione per eos facta
o0201077.037vc 1420 aprile 19 Letter to the Podestà of Bibbiena for guaranty to be provided by debtors. Text: promissionis; de qua promissione et fideiussione constare
o0201078.002vc 1420/1 gennaio 9 Term of payment with release of the arrested debtor. Text: residuo etiam facta promissione et satisdatione de
o0201078.007b 1420/1 gennaio 31 Authorization to the administrator to contract out supply of mortar for five years. Text: mensis, et cum promissione de satisdatione prestanda
o0201078.084c 1420/1 marzo 22 Guaranty for contract for mortar. Text: in conducta et promissione secum et cum
o0201078.084e 1421 aprile 2 Guaranty for debt for property gabelle with subsequent acquittal. Text: absolutus fuit a promissione predicta rationibus et
o0201078.018vf 1421 aprile 5 Letter to the Captain of Volterra to obtain guaranties for a supply contract. Text: Pardi et de promissione et fideiussione predictis
o0201078.060a 1421 aprile 18 Guaranty concerning contract for sandstone blocks. Text: et conducta et promissione et pactis in
o0201078.085vb 1421 aprile 18 Guaranty for promise to repay money with supply of lumber. Text: ipsam Operam a promissione predicta indepnem et
o0201079.006vc 1421 luglio 16 Term of payment to the Commune of Pisa with banker's guarantee and letter to the Podestà for release of citizens and summons for 2 others. Text: capsor; et dicta promissione facta scribatur Potestati
o0201079.011c 1421 agosto 8 Extension of term of payment to guarantor of several communes of the countryside of San Miniato. Text: firma tamen stante promissione per eum facta.
o0201079.011e 1421 agosto 12 Term of payment to the Commune of Poggibonsi and release of arrested guarantor. Text: quantitatem, firma stante promissione pro eo facta
o0201079.016e 1421 agosto 20 Term of payment to the Commune of Pontedera with guaranty. Text: quantitatem, firma stante promissione et fideiussione facta
o0201079.033vc 1421 ottobre 22 Payment to the servants of the officials of the public debt for rights on debtors for pardons of forced loans. Text: plurimum fatigavit sub promissione eis de tali
o0201079.081vi 1421 novembre 21 Payment to creditors of lumber supplier. Text: eius fratre pro promissione sibi facta per
o0201079.048b 1421 dicembre 5 Release from promise of payment for settlement of debt of the Commune of Poggitazzi. Text: linaiuolum ab omni promissione et fide per
o0201080.006va 1421/2 gennaio 12 Release of lumber supplier and his guarantor from further obligation upon receipt of attestation that he fully satisfied the conditions of his contract. Text: intelligatur ab omni promissione per eum facta
o0201081.002ve 1422 luglio 3 Oath of warden and term of payment to guarantor for the Commune of Prato. Text: firma tamen stante promissione et obligatione per
o0201081.019vc 1422 settembre 18 Confiscation of pay of a castellan who is debtor for a guaranty. Text: ipsum fideiussorem a promissione et obligatione nec
o0201081.028b 1422 novembre 13 Renunciation of the contract for hoisting loads up onto the cupola on the part of the contractor. Text: bobus petente a promissione et oblatione per
o0201081.028b 1422 novembre 13 Renunciation of the contract for hoisting loads up onto the cupola on the part of the contractor. Text: absolverunt ab omni promissione, obligatione et conducta
o0201081.036c 1422 dicembre 30 Order not to renew mortar contracts of negligent suppliers. Text: seu non servata promissione in dando et
o0202001.015b 1425 novembre 21 Prohibition to coerce the Commune of San Gimignano to pay. Text: prefate Opere pro promissione et satisdatione facta
o0202001.071f 1427 ottobre 30 Authority to the administrator to purchase a house from the superintendent of Santa Maria Nuova. Text: quinque auri cum promissione, obligatione, renumptiatione et
o0202001.213d 1434 aprile 5 Demand of payment from a carpenter for nonpayment of rent. Text: Opera et pro promissione facta per dictum
o0202001.250ve 1435/6 marzo 17 Commission to two wardens of transfer credits from the public debt to pay the salary of the new choir boys and their master. Text: concordia existentes, cum promissione, obligatione et aliis
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