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o0201073.001vc 1418 aprile 11 Restitution of two pawns. Text: pro novis gabellis reddat et restituat Dominico
o0201078.029vc 1421 maggio 5 Authorization to give a stonecutter money, for which he will be registered as debtor and have to render account, in order to pay the lumber suppliers. Text: Opere et computum reddat ipsi Opere in
o0201086.005va 1424/5 marzo 7 Letter of reply to the administrator of Pisa concerning the manner of collection of revenue on testaments. Text: predictis Operam prefatam reddat advisatam; et etiam
o0201086.016vc 1425 maggio 16 Letter to the administrator of Pisa for information on testamentary bequest of house. Text: eis et ipsos reddat advisatos de pretio
o0201086.023vb 1425 giugno 21 Letter for payment of a rope. Text: Opere, et quod reddat de dicta solutione
o0202001.022e 1425/6 febbraio 15 Letter to the administrator of Pisa instructing him to nominate a notary for the collection of the tax on testaments. Text: et de predictis reddat dictos operarios posquam
o0202001.093g 1428 novembre 13 Letter to the Podestà of Arezzo regarding lawsuit over properties owing to the Opera for account of testamentary legacies. Text: de Aretio et reddat eorum offitium deinde
o0202001.103e 1428/9 marzo 12 Letter to the Podestà of Pisa with order to the bargemen to load marble and to the Pisans to pay sums owed to the Opera; another letter for information on the Pisan notary of testaments. Text: et de predictis reddat operarios advisatos.
o0202001.119va 1429 dicembre 23 Letter to the vicar of Lari for verification of identity of a debtor for new gabelles. Text: et de predictis reddat offitium ipsorum advisatum.
o0202001.121c 1429/30 gennaio 21 Letter to the Podestà of Arezzo for debt for herd livestock gabelles. Text: habita fidedigna informatione reddat ipsorum offitium advisatum
o0202001.122a 1429/30 gennaio 31 Information on the state of the marble lying in the ports of Carrara and Avenza and dispatch of a master for the recovery of a stone altar slab. Text: per suam litteram reddat Operam advisatum, cum
o0202001.124ve 1430 marzo 30 Attestation of the notary of the Opera in favor of the abbess of Vada who has received nothing for the relics recovered at the castle of Vada. Text: Vade per quam reddat testimonium quatenus prefata
o0202001.140vb 1431 aprile 18 Dispatch of stonecutters for work on the castle of Castellina; letter to the administrator to solicit work. Text: laborerium Castelline et reddat sepe offitium advisatum
o0202001.140vf 1431 aprile 26 Letter to the master builder with regard to the work at Staggia. Text: de predictis, et reddat offitium de predictis
o0202001.143a 1431 maggio 30 Letter to the commissary of Staggia about the work at Staggia. Text: et de omnibus reddat eorum offitium advisatum
o0202001.169i 1432 settembre 5 Letter to the guard of the forest for information on cut lumber. Text: et bene informatus reddat eorum (offitium) [d]e
o0202001.213f 1434 aprile 7 Letter to the Captain of Cortona regarding the debt of the Commune. Text: de predictis omnibus reddat offitio advisatum.
o0202001.215e 1434 aprile 22 Letter to the Captain of Campiglia for the sale of hardware. Text: et de omnibus reddat offitium ipsorum advisatum.
o0202001.216e 1434 maggio 11 Commission for a trip to Pisa and Avenza for questions concerning marble. Text: et eorum offitium reddat advisatum; et fieri
o0202001.218va 1434 luglio 13 Letter to one of the Five of Pisa about the transport of marble and the payment of the boatmen. Text: dictum marmorem et reddat de solutione eorum
o0202001.221va 1434 agosto 31 Letter to the Podestàs of Ripafratta and Montelupo for the bell of Montuolo. Text: habita tali informatione, reddat de predictis eorum
o0202001.246ve 1435/6 gennaio 10 Letter to the vicar of Vicopisano instructing him to inform himself about the rights of the archbishop of Pisa over the property of the rebels of the treaty of Vico. Text: et habita informatione reddat offitium advisatum.
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