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Information about the image

Digital photography under special low-intensity lighting

Most of the detail photography of the flooded codices was taken with a digital camera by the Department of Conservation of manuscripts of the Fachhochschule of Cologne in 1999. Using a low-intensity light source, various wave lengths were tested, amongst which the ultraviolet frequency of nm 366 was chosen in most cases. Because of the relatively low resolution of the images, excessive enlargements are not recommended.

The successive image processing was executed by the Parallelo company of Florence in 2000 for 6,444 images. This was integrated by Giovanni Trambusti, Florence, for 10 replacement images in 2013.

Additional digital ultraviolet details and relative processing were executed by Francesco Perulli, Florence, in 2004 for the details of the titles in the internal margins of the recto pages of register II 2 1 which were not accessible at the time of the 1999 photographic campaign. The 2004 images are recognizable by the flat, unbound pages as presented during the restoration then in progress.

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