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I. Transcription of text and essential data
stairDATE: stair1416/7 febbraio 25
stairSUMMARY: stairCancellation of debt for property gabelle registered erroneously in two account entries under different names.
AOSMF stairII 1 70 bis stairc. 9v d resolutions
    Item considerantes quod Bartolus Iohannis Supponis est descriptus per errorem in prestantiis sub nomine Francisci Iohannis Supponis et est unus et idem, possit excomputare solutionem suorum bonorum in solutione prestantiarum, non obstante quod sint scripte sub dicto nomine Francisci etc.
Transcription: gb
II. Analysis of document
stairNAMES AND ROLES: stairBartolo di Giovanni di Suppone  - stairdebitore
stairFrancesco di Giovanni di Suppone  - stairdebitore
Guided research
stairgabelle - property
stairforced loans
Analysis: gb
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