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I. Transcription of text and essential data
stairDATE: stair1419 ottobre 21
stairSUMMARY: stairSale of wax offered for the celebrations of Saint Reparata and of Saint Dionysius.
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    Item quod Marco Antonii Palmierii spetiario vendatur cera oblata Operi in festo Sancte Reparate et Sancti Dionisii pro soldis 7 et denariis 2 f.p. pro qualibet libra tamquam plus offerentes etc.; et si voluerit ceram novam, videlicet arsicciatam, pro soldis 7 et denariis 8 pro qualibet libra, detur sibi; si autem noluerit et aliis voluerit, detur volenti etc.
Transcription: gb
II. Analysis of document
stairNAMES AND ROLES: stairMarco d'Antonio stairPalmieri  - stairspeziale
Guided research
stairsale - consumable
cera offerta
cera nuova o arsicciata
Santa Reparata
San Dionigi
Analysis: gb
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