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I. Transcription of text and essential data
stairDATE: stair1421 aprile 29
stairSUMMARY: stairLetter to the Podestà of Peccioli in order that the communes of said Podesteria discharge their debts, summons of two men and release from precept of the syndics.
AOSMF stairII 1 78 stairc. 29 b resolutions
    Item quod scribatur lictera Potestati Pecciolis quod mandet communibus dicte Potestarie quod solvant eorum officio quod debent et quod, nisi fidem receperit de solutione facta per medium mensem maii proxime futuri, mictat ad eorum officium duos homines ydoneos de dicta Potestaria ad parendum eorum mandatis; et liberet a precepto per eum facto sindicos dicte Potestarie quibus mandavit de veniendo, quousque aliud scribatur eidem.
Transcription: gb
II. Analysis of document
stairNAMES AND ROLES:  - stairPodestà di Peccioli
 - stairuomini di Podesteria di Peccioli
 - stairsindaci precettati di Podesteria di Peccioli
stairPLACES: stairPeccioli
stairINSTITUTIONS: stairPodesteria di Peccioli
staircomuni della Podesteria di Peccioli
Guided research
Analysis: gb
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