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I. Transcription of text and essential data
stairDATE: stair1426/7 marzo 6
stairSUMMARY: stairTerm of payment for debt and restitution of pawn.
AOSMF stairII 2 1 stairc. 53v d resolutions
stairTITLE: stairTerminus Ricciardi Stefani et Michaelis Iacobi sutoris
    Item statuerunt terminum Ricciardo Stefani debitori Opere in libris septem pro bonis vexilliferi Ferze Sancti Spiritus et Michaeli Iacobi sutori eius fideiussori ad solvendum in tribus pagis, videlicet quolibet mense tertiam partem fideiubendo ydonee de observando predicta, et facta dicta fideiussio sibi restituatur pignus.
Transcription: rb
II. Analysis of document
stairNAMES AND ROLES: stairRiccardo di Stefano  - stairdebitore
stairMichele di Jacopo  - stairsarto fideiussore
stairPLACES: stair(Firenze)
stairINSTITUTIONS: stairgonfalone della Ferza
stair(quartiere) di Santo Spirito
Guided research
stairgabelle - property
pegni - restituzione
Analysis: ls
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