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I. Transcription of text and essential data
stairDATE: stair1435 aprile 26
stairSUMMARY: stairRevocation of fixed salaries.
AOSMF stairII 2 1 stairc. 231v c resolutions
dei consoli e degli operai
stairTITLE: stairContra certos magistros Opere habentes salaria firma
    Item prefati operarii advertentes quod in Opera sunt plurima salaria firma facta certis magistris Opere in dampnum et non modicam verecundiam dicte Opere, ipsa salaria revocaverunt et anullaverunt, non obstante alio partito in contrarium facto. Et hec presentibus consulibus Artis Lane et predictum partitum approbantibus et confirmantibus.
Transcription: rb
II. Analysis of document
stairNAMES AND ROLES:  - stairmaestri
 - stairconsoli dell'Arte della Lana
stairINSTITUTIONS: stairArte della Lana
Guided research
stairother ments. - workers
maestri - revoca del salario fisso
Analysis: ls
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