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o0202001.046b 1426 novembre 23 Term of payment for property gabelle to debtor priest. Vannozzo Serragli
o0202001.060a 1427 maggio 14 Confirmation of the administrator, the master builder and the scribe. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.060vc 1427 maggio 28 Dispatch of the master builder with another master to Malmantile and election of the latter as administrator of the castle. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.061b 1427 giugno 12 Concession of right of recourse to guarantor. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.061vg 1427 giugno 21 Contract for mortar with advance on payment to be deducted on consignment. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.062f 1427 giugno 30 Order to the master builder for repairs to marble benches. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.062vd 1427 luglio 3 Concession to Ciuffagni to deliver the marble figure he has carved to the Opera. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.062vl 1427 luglio 11 Request of opinion from experts on dispute between the Opera and the Commune of San Gimignano. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.063c 1427 luglio 14 Request of counsel from experts from Bologna and Imola on dispute between the Opera and the Commune of San Gimignano. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.063vb 1427 luglio 23 Unfinished act concerning house near the walls of the castle of Lastra. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.063ve 1427 luglio 30 Term of payment to the collegiate church of Sant'Angelo a Nebbiano. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.065d 1427 agosto 18 Election of stonecutters. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.100vh 1428/9 febbraio 18 Term of payment given to debtors. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.101h 1428/9 febbraio 17 Letter to the Podestà of Pontedera and Ponsacco for demand of payment on properties. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.101vd 1428/9 febbraio 23 Approval of guarantor and term for restitution for the amount of the damages of a theft. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.102vf 1428/9 marzo 12 Extension for the payment of tax on house and stoppage of prebend to canon for the duration of a permission to live outside the cloister. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.104b 1429 aprile 12 Order to the administrator and the notary of the Opera to collect credits and solicitation of the treasurer of the Commune of Florence to pay the amount collected. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.104c 1429 aprile 12 Order to the administrator to enjoin the treasurers of the Commune for the amount due to the Opera with term of payment, under penalty of dismissal from office. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.106f 1429 maggio 6 Letter about the dismissal of the notary of testaments of Pisa and the price of a rope. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.172c 1427 agosto 4 Authority to wardens for repairs to the houses of the canons and chaplains. Vannozzo Serragli - operaio
o0202001.177b 1431 giugno 23 Reconfirmation of Brunelleschi and Ghiberti as supervisors of the cupola. Vannozzo Serragli - console dell'Arte della Lana
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