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o0202001.233vb 1435 maggio 6 Compensation determined for the accountants for auditing the accounts of the treasurers of the gabelles. ragionieri
o0202001.193d 1432 dicembre 9 Declaration of debt for two ex treasurers. ragionieri
o0202001.069vh 1427 ottobre 20 Election of accountants to audit the records of the treasurers of the forced loans. ragionieri
o0202001.239h 1435 agosto 13 Election of two lawyers for a lawsuit between the Opera on one side and the officials of the Orphans and a treasurer of the forced loans on the other. ragionieri
o0202001.236i 1435 giugno 28 Extension to two treasurers of the forced loans for the presentation of their accounts following the settlement made by the accountants. ragionieri
o0801002.053vd 1435 settembre 7 Individual account with no indication of motive. ragionieri
o0202001.093c 1428 ottobre 25 Injunction of accountants for the audit of the records of the treasurer of the forced loans. ragionieri
o0202001.165vm 1432 luglio 18 Injunction to the treasurer to give back money withheld. ragionieri
o0202001.230a 1435 aprile 8 Order to keep a book for the past treasurers of forced loans from the 1425 onwards and to have the accountants make settlement for the monies transferred. ragionieri
o0204004.015g 1432 dicembre 9 Order to settle accounts at the rate of the communal treasury and to leave only small change. ragionieri
o0202001.195a 1432 dicembre 30 Order to the accountants to audit the treasurer's records. ragionieri
o0204004.017g 1432 dicembre 30 Order to the accountants to audit the treasurer's records. ragionieri
o0201078.009d 1420/1 febbraio 17 Order to the treasurer to register as income the sums already collected for the gabelles of salt, contracts and wine. ragionieri
o0204004.015h 1432 dicembre 9 Order to the treasurers to clarify their position as debtors on pain of receiving demands of payment. ragionieri
o0204009.004a 1421 luglio 14 Payment for petty expenses. ragionieri
o0204012.062va 1427 dicembre 23 Payment for various petty expenses. ragionieri
o0204013.100c 1435 maggio 27 Payment to servant of the officials of the public debt for service rendered to the accountants of the Opera. ragionieri
o0202001.193c 1432 dicembre 9 Regulations for the accountants concerning the value of the florin to be applied to the audit of the accounts of the treasurers. ragionieri
o0201076.017b 1419 settembre 20 Salary set for the accountants elected to audit the accounts of the treasurer, the notary and the administrator. ragionieri
o0202001.238a 1435 luglio 15 Term for exculpation from debt to the treasurers of the forced loans, in absence of which they will be dispatched to the debtors' registry. ragionieri
o0202001.081vo 1428 aprile 28 Term of payment to the treasurers of the forced loans after the audit of the their account. ragionieri
o0202001.230vc 1435 aprile 22 Term to the treasurers of the gabelles and forced loans in office from the 1425 for presentation of their rights or consignment of money collected and not paid, under penalty of dispatch to debtors' registry. ragionieri
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