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Firenze, carcere delle Stinche



o0201070.015g 1417 aprile 10 Obligation to send arrested persons to prison within 6 days.
o0201070b.003b 1416/7 gennaio 14 Term of payment for new gabelles with guaranty and exchange of arrested person with release of the debtor and arrest of his brother.
o0201070b.020c 1417 maggio 4 Order for arrest and detention of debt collector.
o0201070b.020d 1417 maggio 7 Order to write an order slip to the supervisors of the communal treasury instructing them to withhold money from the salary of the Captain for the debt of the Commune of Scarperia.
o0201070b.073vc 1416/7 marzo 3 Arrest for debts of the Commune of Viesca.
o0201072.026i 1417/8 marzo 12 Letter regarding an imprisoned person.
o0201072.030va 1418 aprile 5 Incarceration and removal from the rolls of a stonecutter who offended an officer.
o0201072.031h 1418 aprile 5 Imprisonment of the debt collectors for accounts.
o0201073.007b 1418 aprile 23 Release of a debt collector legally bound to the restitution of wrongful collections.
o0201073.009b 1418 maggio 4 Oath of six wardens and release of a person arrested because ambassador.
o0201073.012vd 1418 giugno 2 Letter to the Podestà of Ripafratta with summons for the treasurer of the gabelles of the Podesteria, and obligation that he satisfy the person arrested in his stead.
o0201073.013a 1418 giugno 2 Conviction of a notary for failing to have executed the court summons that had been sent to the Podestà of Ripafratta regarding the new gabelles and the release of a person arrested on account of the debts of the Podesteria.
o0201073.014e 1418 giugno 10 Detention of the debt collectors who, notwithstanding the prohibition, have continued to demand payment outside the city.
o0201073.017b 1418 maggio 6 Guaranty for an arrested person with release conditional on the payment of the new gabelles of the Podesteria of Ripafratta.
o0201073.017va 1418 maggio 14 Additional guaranty for a debt collector under arrest.
o0201073b.049a 1418 maggio 2 Arrest for debt for gabelles.
o0201074.007g 1418 agosto 9 Detention of a debt collector.
o0201074.028vc 1418 novembre 18 Letter to the Podestà of the Commune of Florence in favor of an arrested person in order that he not be put in the Stinche prison.
o0201075.002ve 1418/9 gennaio 12 Release of imprisoned person for debt for forced loans and gabelles.
o0201075.007va 1418/9 febbraio 8 Release of arrested person who paid deposit with condition of guaranty and summons for final accounting.
o0201075.020ve 1419 aprile 22 Term of payment with release of arrested person.
o0201077.019va 1419/20 febbraio 13 Release of debt collector arrested for unauthorized distraint of pawns.
o0201077.020a 1419/20 febbraio 13 Release of arrested person.
o0201078.002vb 1420/1 gennaio 9 Release of arrested person for debt for forced loans because of his poverty and new term of payment.
o0201078.002vc 1420/1 gennaio 9 Term of payment with release of the arrested debtor.
o0201078.043vb 1421 giugno 20 Order of arrest of a debt collector and notification.
o0201078.082a 1420/1 gennaio 9 Guaranty for debt for forced loans.
o0201079.092vc 1421 dicembre 23 Payment for repairs to the roof of the Stinche prison.
o0201079.094c 1421 dicembre 23 Payment for the purchase of small wood beams, two kinds of roof tiles and chimney pots for the roof of the Stinche prison.
o0201081.033d 1422 dicembre 15 Promise of the guarantor to present himself at the Stinche prison as substitute or to pay for the arrested guardian of the pawns.
o0201082.007a 1422/3 marzo 9 Term of payment for pardons of forced loans with release of the arrested debtor and guaranty.
o0201082.009b 1423 marzo 30 Term of payment and release of an arrested debtor.
o0201082.082h 1422/3 marzo 1 Arrest for unspecified debt.
o0201082.082ve 1422/3 marzo 4 Arrest for unspecified debt.
o0201086.086vb 1425 maggio 3 Arrest of guarantor for the Commune of Montecatini.
o0202001.085va 1428 giugno 4 Authorization to pay workers who demolished the houses near the church of San Simone.
o0202001.117c 1429 novembre 15 Term of payment to the rector of San Giusto in Salcio, with release of the person arrested.
o0202001.135va 1430/1 gennaio 16 Conditional release of a debtor.
o0202001.142vb 1431 maggio 16 Permission to a man to take his father's place in prison.
o0202001.154f 1431/2 febbraio 11 Term of payment to a debtor.
o0202001.157vb 1432 aprile 5 Order to detain a debtor in the palace of the Podestà.
o0202001.191b 1432 novembre 28 Term of payment to an arrested debtor with obligation to furnish guaranty.
o0202001.191vb 1432 dicembre 3 Release of arrested person with guaranty.
o0202001.198d 1433 maggio 15 Term of payment to the Commune of Figline with release of arrested persons.
o0202001.199vd 1433 giugno 10 Right of recourse to a person arrested for the baptismal parish of Giogoli with term of payment.
o0202001.221vg 1434 settembre 7 Release of a minor imprisoned for paternal debt.
o0202001.229vh 1435 aprile 4 Notification to incarcerated members of the Ferrantini family to demonstrate their rights regarding coats of arms.
o0202001.234c 1435 maggio 17 Letter to the vicar of San Miniato instructing him to send the treasurer of that Commune. who is under arrest in his court, to the Florentine prison of the Stinche.
o0202001.235vg 1435 giugno 9 Letter to the vicar of San Miniato instructing him to send 4 men, the treasurer and ser Piero Tiani with order to imprison the last.
o0204009.015a 1421 novembre 23 Payment for repairs to the roof of the Stinche prison.
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