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o0201070.007vc 1416/7 febbraio 11 Deadline to a canon for taking up residence in the house assigned him. Text: per dictum Opus consignata, notificando quod si
o0201070.017va 1417 aprile 28 Term for the evacuation of a house assigned to a canon. Text: et seu que consignata fuit domino Manno
o0201070.023d 1417 giugno 3 Rental of a house to be assigned to a chaplain. Text: et ex nunc consignata intelligatur et sit
o0201073.005vb 1418 aprile 20 Assignment of a house to a canon. Text: prima, consignetur et consignata esse intelligatur et
o0201073.005vc 1418 aprile 20 Assignment of a house to a canon. Text: suprascriptus consignetur et consignata esse intelligatur et
o0201073.007vd 1418 aprile 29 Assignment of house to the cantors and order to the previous occupant to evacuate. Text: domus dicti Operis consignata domino Manno canonico
o0201073b.033a 1418 maggio 12 Promise to keep pawns in custody and corresponding guaranty. Text: et representanda sive consignata et representata per
o0201074.026e 1418 ottobre 26 Detention of the guardian of the pawns of the Commune of Florence for not having delivered the pawns to the Opera. Text: recepit et sibi consignata fuerunt multa pignora
o0201076.014vc 1419 settembre 12 Rulings for rents of houses given to canons and chaplains. Text: pro Opere est consignata domus pro sua
o0201076.014vc 1419 settembre 12 Rulings for rents of houses given to canons and chaplains. Text: sibi pro Opere consignata pro sua habitatione
o0201076.018va 1419 ottobre 7 Assignment of house to canon with agreement to pay the tax. Text: precessores dictorum operariorum consignata vellet ipsam, quod
o0201076.018vb 1419 ottobre 7 Assignment of house to chaplain without payment of tax. Text: ut dicitur est consignata preposito canonicorum etc.,
o0201076.034f 1419 dicembre 14 Assignment to chaplain of part of house previously assigned to others. Text: quod alias fuerit consignata ser Tommasio etc.,
o0201080.070va 1422 aprile 29 Payment for rafting of fir and chestnut lumber. Text: Nolfi de Vicorati consignata die 18 decembris
o0201081.026va 1422 ottobre 29 Assignment of house to canon. Text: intelligatur concessa et consignata pro habitatione venerabili
o0201081.037b 1422 dicembre 30 Contract for supply of mortar of Alberese stone. Text: conducta et solepniter consignata et non primo.
o0201082.003va 1422/3 febbraio 15 Restitution of pawn. Text: dell 'Olio et consignata camerario pignorum occasione
o0202001.034va 1426 giugno 7 Declaration in favor of the treasurer of the salt gabelle for having paid the amount due to the Opera in accordance with the ordinances of the Commune. Text: fuit data et consignata dicto Michaeli tunc
o0202001.060vf 1427 maggio 28 Taxation of pawns and their consignment to the administrator. Text: tassare debeat pignora consignata per exactores prefate
o0202001.136vb 1430/1 gennaio 26 Order to build the altar of Saint Zenobius and commission for a model of it. Text: fuit data ac consignata ad reverentiam beati
o0202001.175vc 1429 novembre 15 Order to the canons to come back to live in the cloister, under penalty of the revocation of the assignment of the houses. Text: quibus data et consignata fuit aliqua domus
o0202001.211ve 1433/4 marzo 18 Term of payment to a debtor and threat of sale of pawns. Text: pignora ablata et consignata provisori Opere et
o0202001.255va 1436 giugno 26 Authority to two wardens to go to Vico and Pisa to oversee the fortifications and take possessions of the rebels' properties. Text: dicto eorum offitio consignata et redditus et
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