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o0201073.013a 1418 giugno 2 Conviction of a notary for failing to have executed the court summons that had been sent to the Podestà of Ripafratta regarding the new gabelles and the release of a person arrested on account of the debts of the Podesteria. Text: libris quinquaginta f.p. dandum et solvendum camerariis
o0201074.029vf 1418 dicembre 2 Contract for broad bricks and authorization for an advance payment. Text: secundum modum sibi dandum per provisorem et
o0201075.029e 1419 maggio 29 Authorization to contract out at set price plastering and painting of the exterior wall of the great hall of the Pope's residence. Text: per dictum Iohannem dandum, murum sale magne
o0201077.074a 1419/20 marzo 13 Contract for supply of mortar with concession of advance and guaranty. Text: conductores cogere ad dandum et conducendum maiorem
o0201077.076b 1420 giugno 13 Contract: unfinished act. Text: ad conducendum et dandum dicte Opere ...
o0201079.013va 1421 agosto 14 Sentence of the Wool Guild for controversy between debtors and wardens concerning debt of 3000 florins and term of payment with annual installments. Text: et ad sic dandum et solvendum camerario
o0201081.012va 1422 agosto 26 Appraisal of pawn wrongfully requisitioned with debit to the debt collector, under penalty of dismissal from office. Text: otto et ad dandum et ad solvendum
o0201086.001vb 1424/5 gennaio 12 Letter to the Podestà of Signa for a term of payment with guarantor. Text: Iohannis Roberti ad dandum et prestandum unum
o0202001.042vc 1426 ottobre 17 Authority to the administrator for remediation of the damages caused to third parties for broken roof tiles. Text: dicte Opere ad dandum atque tradendum Bartolo
o0202001.060d 1427 maggio 14 Commission to the master builder to go several times, with another master, to oversee works at Malmantile. Text: fundamentorum et ad dandum modum et regulam
o0202001.068g 1427 settembre 23 Term of payment to debtor for pardons of forced loans with concession of right of recourse. Text: assignaverunt terminum ad dandum et solvendum dicto
o0202001.099va 1428/9 gennaio 28 Election of lawyer and release of heirs from overly burdensome testamentary legacies and their acquittal. Text: legati et ad dandum et tradendum prefate
o0202001.122f 1429/30 febbraio 10 Letter to the Captain of Campiglia instructing him to compel the priest to pay the testamentary legacies of the last ten years owed to the Opera. Text: cogi faciat ad dandum in scriptis testamenta
o0202001.143vd 1431 giugno 15 Authority to the master builder to have stones worked. Title: Balia caputmagistri ad dandum laborerium magistris
o0202001.215b 1434 aprile 20 Commencement of the execution of two of the windows of the tribune of Saint Zenobius. Text: secundum designum eidem dandum per Laurentium Bartoli
o0202001.221vf 1434 settembre 7 Extension of the term for presentation of a guarantor. Text: Pauli Richoldi ad dandum unum fideiussorem de
o0202001.221vm 1434 settembre 10 Order to two ex treasurers of the wine gabelle to consign their books. Text: annis citra ad dandum Opere libros eorum
o0202001.222a 1434 settembre 15 Extension of the term for presentation of a guarantor. Text: mensem settembris ad dandum et prestandum fideiussorem
o0202001.233vm 1435 maggio 12 Letter to the Commune of Nicola asking for information, though a special deputy, on whether the supplies of building materials are adequate to permit construction. Text: et necessarium ad dandum perfectioni edifitio murorum
o0202001.256a 1436 luglio 24 Loan of rope to the communities of Colle val d'Elsa and permit to masters to travel there to help to hoist some bells. Text: eundi illuc ad dandum et prestandum auxilium
o0202001.256vf 1436 agosto 8 Letter to the vicar of Vico for the consignment either of properties belonging to a (rebel) or of a sum equal to their value. Text: de Vico ad dandum et consignandum Iacobo
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