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o0201077.024e 1419/20 febbraio 29 Correction of account entry for debt of property gabelle of the chapel of San Gregorio in the church of San Donato in Prato. Text: Prato cancelletur et describatur, prout dicitur esse
o0201077.037vf 1420 aprile 30 Sale of marble for work on the palace of the Popolo. Text: in saletta ponendo, describatur in eodem libro
o0201077.037vf 1420 aprile 30 Sale of marble for work on the palace of the Popolo. Text: notarium ponatur et describatur pro dicta causa
o0201077.038va 1420 aprile 30 Contract to new sculptor to complete the figure of Ciuffagni, using the same allocation of funds. Text: Bernardi ponatur et describatur pro debitore dicte
o0201078.003va 1420/1 gennaio 14 Debit to supplier for lumber due from the Commune of San Godenzo for debt and term of consignment to the same Commune. Text: ab ipsa Opera describatur debitor dicte Opere
o0201078.016b 1421 marzo 27 Recovery of the testamentary bequest of Baldassarre Cossa without penalty for the delay. Text: introytum ponatur et describatur per eum et
o0201078.027b 1421 aprile 26 Revocation of demand of payment for testament because the debtor not is heir. Text: non possit; sed describatur debitor pro dicto
o0201078.029vc 1421 maggio 5 Authorization to give a stonecutter money, for which he will be registered as debtor and have to render account, in order to pay the lumber suppliers. Text: quantitate ipse Iacobus describatur debitor dicte Opere
o0201078.042va 1421 giugno 16 Cancellation of debt of the ex notary of testaments by deduction from service rendered under contract. Text: Laurentii actetur et describatur per provisorem licite
o0201079.016vc 1421 agosto 20 Ruling in favor of lender of horses for a lost saddle with deduction from the salary of the person responsible and, for the horse, from the fees of the defaulting lumber suppliers. Text: quod dictus Pierus describatur debitor dicte Opere
o0201079.026a 1421 settembre 17 Ruling regarding the allocation of funds to be decreed for a supply of lumber with penalty to the supplier if he should not respect the consignment. Text: ad eius computum describatur et debitor dicte
o0201079.027b 1421 settembre 17 Commission to the master builder to appraise the work of Nanni di Banco for the ornamental frames of the story of the Annunciate Virgin; registration of the sculptor as creditor for 326 2/3 florins. Text: quod ipse Iohannes describatur in creditorem dicte
o0201079.040vb 1421 novembre 5 Credit to stonecutter for having paid 4 lumber suppliers. Text: ..., ponatur et describatur per provisorem dicte
o0201080.006c 1421/2 gennaio 14 Credit to (sculptor) for ornament to be mounted over the portal towards the Servites. Text: pro ystoria predicta describatur creditor dicte Opere
o0201080.007b 1421/2 gennaio 19 Correction of account entry of lumber supplier, which had been erroneously recorded in the account of another supplier. Text: et ponatur et describatur ad computum dicti
o0201080.027d 1422 aprile 29 Cancellation of debt for sum paid to kilnman for reimbursement of travel expenditures. Text: est pro ristoro describatur debitor, deliberaverunt quod
o0201081.015b 1422 settembre 4 Order to the treasurer and the notary to register all the deposits as income. Text: statim talis deponens describatur creditor dicte Opere
o0201081.029vc 1422 novembre 24 Order to administrator and master builder to weigh the marble of a supply delivered and to oversee the payment to the bargemen and carters. Text: provisorem ponatur et describatur pro quantitate marmoris
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