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o0201072.018vb 1417/8 febbraio 10 Letter to the Elders of Pisa about the payment deadline for their debts. Text: alias elapso terminum gravabuntur.
o0201072.023c 1417/8 febbraio 26 Public solicitation for the wine gabelle. Text: alias elapso terminum gravabuntur.
o0201072.031d 1418 aprile 5 Summons of those who have made a deposit for the new gabelles and registration with the administrator. Text: alias elapso termino gravabuntur non obstante deposito.
o0201073.003ve 1418 aprile 16 Letter to the Podestà of Borgo San Lorenzo to reimburse the expenditures incurred by an arrested person. Text: non satisfacient, ipsi gravabuntur etc.
o0201073b.006va 1418 maggio 20 Injunction to present to the treasurer the money received from the Podesteria of Calci for the new gabelles. Text: et uterque eorum gravabuntur in here et
o0201074.002vb 1418 luglio 6 Term of payment given to all debtors. Text: solvisse debeant alias gravabuntur etc.; et quod,
o0201075.009vc 1418/9 febbraio 21 Letter to the Priors of Pisa with term of payment for the debts of the Commune. Text: elapso termino ipsi gravabuntur etc.
o0201076.032e 1419 novembre 28 Injunction to pay a debt. Text: solvisse etc.; alias gravabuntur etc.
o0201077.003a 1419 dicembre 30 Proclamation for terms of payment for debts of pardons. Text: quibus ex predictis gravabuntur ad petitionem ipsorum
o0201079.016vb 1421 agosto 20 Notification of term to debtors for pardons of forced loans with debit of the same notification. Text: ad solvendum alias gravabuntur, et post terminum
o0201079.024va 1421 settembre 11 Ruling against debt collector in favor of citizens wrongfully considered debtors for pardons of forced loans. Text: causa de cetero gravabuntur sumptibus et expensis
o0201079.040d 1421 novembre 5 Oath of two wardens and letter to the Priors of Pisa to provide guaranty for debt. Text: presentem mensem, alias gravabuntur ad solvendum absque
o0201081.002vb 1422 luglio 2 Notification to debtors for purchase of lumber and other things to pay within term under threat of demand of payment. Text: quam tenentur, alias gravabuntur.
o0202001.021ve 1425/6 febbraio 14 Term of payment to defaulting kilnmen. Text: et eius fideiussor gravabuntur realiter et personaliter;
o0202001.021ve 1425/6 febbraio 14 Term of payment to defaulting kilnmen. Text: et eorum fideiussores gravabuntur realiter et personaliter.
o0202001.023a 1425/6 febbraio 28 Prohibition to the debt collectors to demand payment of the debtors of the Opera without precept. Text: dicte Opere, alias gravabuntur realiter et personaliter;
o0202001.032a 1426 giugno 17 Letter to the supervisors of Pisa for the election of a notary of the contracts office; letter to the Captain of Pisa for proclamation for the resolution of contracts; letters to the notaries of Pisa and Florence and to the treasurer of Pisa about regulations to be observed. Text: et solvere tenentes gravabuntur; ac etiam eidem
o0202001.045vf 1426 novembre 14 Letter to the Podestà of San Gimignano instructing him to dispatch two men to pay and proclaim term of payment for the debtors for legacies, under penalty of demand of payment. Text: here et persona gravabuntur.
o0202001.058vd 1427 maggio 7 Obligation to the Commune of San Gimignano to pay the testamentary legacies to the Opera, in accordance with the ordinances of the Commune of Florence. Text: solvere debeat, alias gravabuntur in here et
o0202001.120e 1429/30 gennaio 4 Letter and term of payment to two (treasurers) for payment of sum collected for the testaments of the Opera, on penalty of demand of payment. Text: eorum mandatis, alias gravabuntur in here et
o0202001.169vf 1432 settembre 17 Letter to the Podestà of Prato to have debtors notified of payment deadline. Text: realiter et personaliter gravabuntur.
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