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o0201075.018va 1419 aprile 12 Term of payment with release of arrested person and restitution of pawn. Text: Arrighi qui sunt gravati ad petitionem dicti
o0201076.007vb 1419 agosto 2 Term of payment for property gabelle with right of recourse against the first owners and exemption from demand of payment for donation. Text: civitatem Florentie, qui gravati super certis eorum
o0201076.007vc 1419 agosto 2 Term of payment to the baptismal parish of Coiano with release of the guarantors. Text: Coiano qui sunt gravati pro dicta fideiussione
o0201079.024va 1421 settembre 11 Ruling against debt collector in favor of citizens wrongfully considered debtors for pardons of forced loans. Text: vel ad solvendum gravati fuerunt indepnes totaliter
o0201079.030vc 1421 ottobre 11 Revocation of demand of payment from persons enjoined to pay because possessors of debtor's properties and restitution of pawns. Text: causa pro qua gravati sunt fuerunt obligata.
o0201082.011a 1423 aprile 23 Term of payment to the Commune of Scarperia. Text: ad solvendum; et gravati relaxentur ad presens,
o0201083.009vb 1423 novembre 6 Prohibition to demand payment of debtors for debt for herd livestock. Text: quod marginentur et gravati relaxentur.
o0201084.003vb 1423/4 gennaio 27 Prohibition to demand payment from the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova, because it is a charitable institution, and to demand payment of, arrest and distrain its personnel. Text: dicti hospitalis et gravati sunt multa eorum
o0201084.006a 1423/4 febbraio 11 Letter to the Captain of Cortona for proclamation about the testaments and term of payment for tax. Text: dicto tempore erunt gravati in ere et
o0201084.009c 1423/4 marzo 11 Term of payment for debt for property gabelle and release of arrested persons. Text: Opere; et quod gravati et capti relaxantur.
o0201084.012b 1424 aprile 4 Term of payment for pardons of wine and butchering gabelles to the Commune of Bacchereto. Text: et facta satisdatio gravati et seu capti
o0202001.086d 1428 giugno 15 Authorization to make public proclamation of the term for restitution of pawns, on penalty of the sale of the same. Text: singuli qui fuissent gravati ab uno anno
o0202001.100a 1428/9 gennaio 28 Proclamation with term for redemption of pawns, under penalty of their sale, and letter to the podestàs of the countryside. Text: singuli pignorati et gravati ad petitionem prefate
o0202001.133ve 1430 novembre 29 Proclamations for the redemption or the sale of the pawns. Text: singuli debitores Opere gravati et pignorati ad
o0202001.144vh 1431 giugno 28 Term of payment given to debtors. Text: possessoribus cuiusdam poteris gravati ad instantiam Opere
o0202001.145a 1431 giugno 28 Order of payment to the Alessandri for the garden and shed. Text: et orto, erunt gravati in here et
o0202001.160c 1432 maggio 7 Extension of time for those enjoined to pay in order to ascertain their liability for the debt. Text: fratres Sancti Benedicti gravati ad petitionem operariorum
o0202001.200b 1433 giugno 15 Letter to the Eight defenders of Prato with threat of demand of payment for debt. Text: realiter et personaliter gravati.
o0202001.234b 1435 maggio 13 Proclamation for the redemption or the sale of pawns. Text: fuerunt pignorati et gravati ad instantiam operariorium
o0202001.255vo 1436 luglio 6 Letter to the rectors of the countryside instructing them to notify the communities and parishes of the Pisan countryside of the debt of 2000 florins due to the Opera. Text: here et persona gravati ad solvendum.
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