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o0201076.028c 1419 novembre 7 Order to prepare annually a seat where the captains of Parte Guelfa can hear mass on the feast day of San Martino. Text: quod redundat in honorem et utile dicte
o0201079.024va 1421 settembre 11 Ruling against debt collector in favor of citizens wrongfully considered debtors for pardons of forced loans. Text: indebite molestantur contra honorem dicti officii et
o0201080.034vb 1422 giugno 10 Request of punishment at the public gallows for guard of the pawns guilty of physical abuse. Text: circa eorum officii honorem providere deliberaverunt quod
o0201081.022va 1422 ottobre 6 Election as guard of the forest of the son of the guard. Text: volentes in sui honorem benemerito providere, premisso
o0201081.025vc 1422 ottobre 16 Order to the administrator to go quickly to the Blacksmiths' Guild to free a blacksmith under investigation. Text: quod quidem in honorem dicte Opere cedit,
o0201081.025vd 1422 ottobre 16 Order to the administrator to have the verses called for by the captains of Orsanmichele in honor of the Popolo inscribed in the Pope's residence. Text: et ordinavit in honorem populi Florentie ac
o0201081.025vd 1422 ottobre 16 Order to the administrator to have the verses called for by the captains of Orsanmichele in honor of the Popolo inscribed in the Pope's residence. Text: populi decus et honorem et sumptibus et
o0201081.026d 1422 ottobre 29 Dismissal from office of debt collectors who gave to others the authority to demand payment in their place without permission and their pecuniary penalty. Text: quidem non in honorem dicti officii cedit
o0202001.054ve 1427 aprile 2 Permit to leave work and loan of a rope to Brunelleschi. Text: quod vertit in honorem Communis Florentie et
o0202001.069vd 1427 ottobre 16 Carving of verses in marble to be placed over the door or elsewhere, at the discretion of the wardens, in Santa Maria Novella. Text: certi versi in honorem edifitii facti in
o0202001.072vi 1427 dicembre 4 Contract to Brunelleschi for trasnport of white marble in support of his invention of a new ship in the public interest. Text: redundabit in maximum honorem et utilitatem dicti
o0202001.084vb 1428 maggio 18 Authorization to have a platform made for the feast of Saint Zenobius. Text: Zenobii et in honorem dicti Sancti unum
o0202001.119vb 1429 dicembre 23 Letter to the vicar of Anghiari with notification of procedures against the inhabitants of the Podesteria. Text: preiudicium et contra honorem suum.
o0202001.137vf 1430/1 febbraio 24 Declaration of innocence of a chaplain accused of unseemly acts. Text: prefatis consulibus contra honorem ecclesie et in
o0202001.142vn 1431 maggio 30 Confirmation of ruling of expulsion from houses of chaplains guilty of absenteeism. Text: Artis Lane in honorem ecclesie prefate talis
o0202001.177b 1431 giugno 23 Reconfirmation of Brunelleschi and Ghiberti as supervisors of the cupola. Text: et similiter summum honorem eidem impenderunt non
o0202001.164vd 1432 luglio 11 Election of debt collectors with regulations about fees for precepts to debtors. Text: laboreriis inceptis in honorem prefate Opere et
o0202001.179b 1434 aprile 22 Revocation of demand of payment for marble utilized for arms installed at La Verna. Text: fuerunt facta in honorem Communis Florentie et
o0202001.250ve 1435/6 marzo 17 Commission to two wardens of transfer credits from the public debt to pay the salary of the new choir boys and their master. Text: predicta redundare in honorem Dei et Beate
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