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o0201070b.009e 1416/7 febbraio 25 Cancellation of debt for property gabelle paid in the forced loans. Text: Item considerato quod Martinus Fei de Colognole
o0201070b.073vg 1417 aprile 1 Arrest for debt for gabelles of the Podesteria of Laiatico. Text: Laiatici pro gabellis Martinus Luperelli recommendatus Capitaneo.
o0201070b.090g 1417 maggio 5 Arrest for debt for pardons of gabelles of the Commune of Figline. Text: pro gratia congiorum Martinus Teste recommendatus Potestati.
o0201072.018vg 1417/8 febbraio 10 Salary set for workforce. Text: Francisci soldos XIII Martinus Iohannis soldos XIIII
o0201073b.002vd 1418 aprile 15 Term of payment for forced loans. Text: Item quod Martinus Buoni bottarius non
o0201073b.033vb 1418 giugno 15 Promise to make payment of a debt for forced loans through the rent of a shop. Text: Martinus Iohannis pizicagnolus ad
o0201073b.033vb 1418 giugno 15 Promise to make payment of a debt for forced loans through the rent of a shop. Text: apotece quam ipse Martinus tenet ab eo
o0201074.005e 1418 agosto 6 Release of person arrested for forced loans. Text: Item quod Martinus Buoni bottarius, qui
o0201074.007c 1418 agosto 9 Release of arrested person and new payment deadline. Text: Item quod Martinus Buoni bottarius relapsetur
o0201074.045ve 1418 agosto 9 Guaranty for debt for forced loans. Text: et quidquid dictus Martinus solvere tenetur dicta
o0201076.028c 1419 novembre 7 Order to prepare annually a seat where the captains of Parte Guelfa can hear mass on the feast day of San Martino. Text: dictus tunc papa Martinus et die festi
o0201076.073a 1419 settembre 4 Guaranty for debt for forced loans and pardons of forced loans. Text: gratiis prestantiarum fideiussit Martinus Caccie de Altovitis
o0201077.014c 1419/20 gennaio 31 Letter to the Podestà of Borgo San Lorenzo for properties located in Luco, Figliano and San Giovanni Maggiore and summons of the owners. Text: si hactenus presbiter Martinus Laurentii rector ecclesie
o0201077.025e 1419/20 marzo 6 Cancellation of debt for property gabelle of the church of San Martino of Vico. Text: de cetero presbiter Martinus rector ecclesie Sancti
o0201077.058d 1419/20 febbraio 13 Payment for various expenditures. Text: canonici, quos tulit Martinus Dominici; et soldos
o0201078.011vc 1420/1 marzo 10 Release of debtor arrested person with guarantee judged sufficient. Text: Item quod Martinus Talis de Cietica
o0201079.025c 1421 settembre 15 Right of recourse to the Commune of San Quintino with indemnification from the true debtors for property gabelle. Text: et pro eo Martinus Ghini de dicto
o0201079.086d 1421 settembre 23 Guaranty with approval for contract for chestnut trees. Text: solutionis dictarum quercuum, Martinus Francisci magister populi
o0201081.009vf 1422 agosto 7 Term of payment for debt for pardons of forced loans. Text: Item deliberaverunt quod Martinus Fey de Decomano
o0201081.083b 1422 settembre 18 Guaranty for supply contracts for lumber. Text: Communis et Dominici, Martinus Venture de Castagno
o0201086.070a 1424/5 marzo 1 Guaranty for supply of dressed stone for the castle of Lastra. Text: Martinus Tani de Ghanghalandi
o0202001.069g 1427 ottobre 14 Authorization to third parties to cut lumber in the forest of Campigna. Text: deliberaverunt quod ser Martinus Luce Martini et
o0202001.143vc 1431 giugno 15 Dismissal of some masters and reconfirmation of others. Text: Berne Iohannes Francisci Martinus Mattianghe Giaggius Cecchini
o0202001.150f 1431 ottobre 30 Salary set for masters. Text: Berne s. XI Martinus Iohannis del Maccianghera
o0202001.194va 1432 dicembre 27 Selective rehiring of 7 unskilled workers. Text: hec, videlicet: Cotignuola Martinus Nannis Marcus alias
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