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o0201081.010vb 1422 agosto 7 Acceptance of broad bricks with tare of one quarter of the contract price. Text: eisdem de pretio persolvatur, sed cum tara
o0201079.058b 1421 settembre 24 Contract for broad terracotta bricks and of corner-pieces and guaranty for restitution of advance made on previous contract. Text: sumptibus dicte Opere persolvatur ultra quantitatem debitam
o0201077.076c 1420 giugno 15 Contract for supply of mortar of pebble-free Alberese stone with advance on payment. Text: de suo proprio persolvatur; et debent ac
o0201080.058va 1422 maggio 5 Contract for 1.600.000 broad bricks to be manufactured in four years in the Settimo kiln and relative guaranty. Text: dicte Opere tantum persolvatur. Predicta quidem omnia
o0201081.056a 1422 agosto 28 Contract to kilnman of broad terracotta bricks with advance of part payment. Text: et non conductoris persolvatur. Item debeant operarii
o0201080.032b 1422 maggio 20 Debit to the suppliers of marble of the cost of a person sent to Pisa and to the quarry in Lunigiana to solicit its consignment. Text: Meo supradicto integre persolvatur.
o0202001.039d 1426 agosto 16 Hiring of carter with two horses for removal of earth and hoisting loads up to the cupola. Text: collam pondera eidem persolvatur, et quod camerarius
o0201081.017d 1422 settembre 11 Increase of salary to messenger. Text: die in antea persolvatur per camerarium dicte
o0201081.019b 1422 settembre 16 Increase of salary to stonecutter sent to work in quarry with order not to leave the work place without permission. Text: et per camerarium persolvatur licite et inpune;
o0202001.129vb 1430 settembre 13 Letter to the vicar of San Miniato. Text: de suis denariis persolvatur a plebano plebis
o0202001.245vb 1435 dicembre 14 Measure in favor of the messenger's substitute, to whom three more lire a month are paid. Text: dictam rationem sibi persolvatur post mortem dicti
o0201080.032a 1422 maggio 20 Moratorium on the payment on the part of the supplier of lumber for its towing from the weir of Betto Busini to the Opera until new resolution of the wardens. Text: deliberatum cuius sumptibus persolvatur.
o0201078.038a 1421 giugno 6 Order to the treasurer not to discount the advance on the rent of a quarry to Niccolò of Lodovico Rinucci. Text: stantiamenti ipsi Niccolao persolvatur et dicti floreni
o0202001.144vc 1431 giugno 28 Payment determined for carters who went to Castellina. Text: ad dictam rationem persolvatur eis et non
o0202001.054e 1426/7 marzo 19 Price of large broad bricks. Text: quod eisdem fornaciariis persolvatur de dictis tabellonibus
o0202001.054e 1426/7 marzo 19 Price of large broad bricks. Text: dictam rationem eis persolvatur et illud quod
o0201081.008b 1422 agosto 4 Reduction by one quarter of the price for defective broad terracotta bricks. Text: librarum XV nemini persolvatur.
o0201079.016vc 1421 agosto 20 Ruling in favor of lender of horses for a lost saddle with deduction from the salary of the person responsible and, for the horse, from the fees of the defaulting lumber suppliers. Text: equo de extimatione persolvatur per camerarium dicte
o0202001.189f 1432 ottobre 22 Salary of the (accountant) at the forced loans office. Text: sibi in futurum persolvatur.
o0201081.020e 1422 settembre 18 Salary set for a master carpenter. Text: pro eius salario persolvatur per camerarium dicte
o0201081.020f 1422 settembre 18 Salary set for two masters. Text: de eorum labore persolvatur ad rationem soldorum
o0202001.190h 1432 novembre 13 Term of payment to the Commune of Prato with letter to the Podestà. Text: dictis terminis Opere persolvatur.
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