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o0201073.024e 1418 giugno 28 Payment for marble figures. Text: pro Opere pro ponendo super portam Sancte
o0201074.038vh 1418 ottobre 12 Payment for marble figures for the portal towards the Servites. Text: pro Opere pro ponendo super portam Sancte
o0201074.060h 1418 dicembre 23 Payment for statues for the portal that leads to the Servites. Text: pro Opere pro ponendo super porta Sancte
o0201075.050b 1419 maggio 10 Payment for medallions carved for the Pope's residence. Text: Artis Lane pro ponendo et murando in
o0201075.051b 1419 maggio 31 Payment for marble figures carved. Text: pro Opere pro ponendo supra portam qua
o0201076.051a 1419 settembre 13 Oath of warden and payment to a carpenter for work at Santa Maria Novella. Text: pro mictendo et ponendo super muro sub
o0201076.051a 1419 settembre 13 Oath of warden and payment to a carpenter for work at Santa Maria Novella. Text: septem mensolas pro ponendo sub asinellis super
o0201076.052vc 1419 ottobre 7 Payment to a stone worker for work done in Santa Maria Novella. Text: pro mictendo et ponendo in facie habituri
o0201076.053f 1419 ottobre 11 Payment for various marble statues. Text: pro Opere pro ponendo supra portam ecclesie
o0201077.037vf 1420 aprile 30 Sale of marble for work on the palace of the Popolo. Text: palatio in saletta ponendo, describatur in eodem
o0201077.055b 1419/20 gennaio 18 Payment for carving a lion for a column of the Pope's residence. Text: eum fiendo pro ponendo super colupna scalarum
o0201078.068b 1420/1 marzo 19 Payment for the purchase, weighing, transport and commission of ropes in Pisa. Text: XVI et pro ponendo super nave libras
o0201079.059b 1421 novembre 29 Contract for hoisting of loads with oxen or horses up to the main cupola. Text: super dictis muris ponendo, intelligendo temporis iemis
o0201081.014b 1422 settembre 1 Order to the master builder to have 4 marble figures set in place on the facade of the bell tower. Text: fuere pro ipsas ponendo in campanile dicte
o0201081.021ve 1422 settembre 25 Contract for figure of Saint Stephen to Bernardo Ciuffagni. Text: Sancti Stefani pro ponendo ipsam super puntone
o0201081.029vc 1422 novembre 24 Order to administrator and master builder to weigh the marble of a supply delivered and to oversee the payment to the bargemen and carters. Text: pro expensis tantum, ponendo ad computum quantitatem
o0201081.067vf 1422 agosto 7 Payment for petty expenses. Text: 24 iulii pro ponendo apud puteum soldos
o0201081.070d 1422 agosto 14 Payment to silk dealers for a girdle to be placed on the Virgin of the portal towards the Servites. Text: dicte Opere pro ponendo apud figuram Beate
o0201081.077vd 1422 dicembre 11 Payment to Giovanni of Bartolo for a rainspout for the cupola. Text: continue construitur pro ponendo ad cupolam maiorem
o0201082.018vb 1423 giugno 2 Order to master sculptor to work on a gargoyle. Text: quod incepit pro ponendo supra sacristiam maioris
o0201083.003c 1423 luglio 14 Commission to contract out to master glaziers copper wire nets for two oculi. Text: filii ramis pro ponendo duobus oculis dicte
o0201083.003d 1423 luglio 14 Commission to contract out finials and cornices of red marble for the cupola of the chapels. Text: marmi pro ipsas ponendo supra certis becchatellis
o0201083.056b 1423 luglio 27 Contract for nets of copper wire for two oculi. Text: telario ferri pro ponendo duobus oculis maioris
o0201083.065vd 1423 luglio 8 Payment for a gargoyle to be placed over a sacristy. Text: Opera pro ipsum ponendo supra una ex
o0201084.044ve 1424 marzo 28 Payment to Ciuffagni for a "spiritello" for a gargoyle. Text: uno aquidoccio pro ponendo supra sacristiam de
o0201086.017vc 1425 maggio 21 Confirmation of the contract made to the masters of the castle of Malmantile and here transcribed and undersigned by the interested parties, because it had not been copied by the previous notary. Text: negligentiam in non ponendo et scribendo eam
o0202001.017c 1425 novembre 23 Concession of right of recourse. Text: rem suam et ponendo ipsum in locum
o0202001.050a 1426/7 gennaio 28 Dispatch of master to the kiln of Settimo to count broad bricks and loan to kilnman against new supply of large broad bricks. Text: auri et pro ponendo eos sub tecto
o0202001.068g 1427 settembre 23 Term of payment to debtor for pardons of forced loans with concession of right of recourse. Text: a dicto Daddo ponendo eum in locum
o0202001.157l 1432 aprile 3 Registration of the days worked preparing scaffolding to install the stained-glass window of the chapel of Saint Zenobius. Text: pontibus factis in ponendo finestram vitrei in
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