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o0201074.022b 1418 ottobre 4 Letter to the Podestà of Ponsacco to force the possessors of property of its subject communities to pay a gabelle, and payment deadline for the new gabelles in that Podesteria. Text: et expensas super predictas occursas etc.; et
o0201078.059va 1421 aprile 5 Contract to three stonecutters to quarry stones for the cupola in the Trassinaia quarry. Text: et ultra quantitates predictas de minori mensura,
o0201080.003e 1421/2 gennaio 9 Cancellation of debt for new gabelles. Text: scripturis continentibus exemptiones predictas, cancellentur per me
o0201081.030a 1422 novembre 24 Cancellation of debt for herd livestock because the debtor resides in place exempt from taxation, according to the attestation of his commune of residence. Text: comprehendi posse bestias predictas eiusdem Fortis fuisse
o0201081.030a 1422 novembre 24 Cancellation of debt for herd livestock because the debtor resides in place exempt from taxation, according to the attestation of his commune of residence. Text: et comprehenduntur bestias predictas fuisse et seu
o0201086.002vb 1424/5 gennaio 24 Protest to the treasurer of the forced loans with term for consignment of rights, under penalty of being reported to debtors' registry. Text: gravari ad faciendum predictas solutiones et debeat
o0201086.005va 1424/5 marzo 7 Letter of reply to the administrator of Pisa concerning the manner of collection of revenue on testaments. Text: fraudet Operam circa predictas solutiones et in
o0201086.022vb 1425 giugno 12 Order to the notary of testaments to exact from debtors the amount deliberated by the consuls and wardens. Text: debeant circa exactiones predictas prestare et adhibere
o0202001.008c 1425 agosto 22 Confirmation of rent of house. Text: magistri Bartoli, infra predictas confines vel alios
o0202001.012b 1425 ottobre 22 Term of payment to the Commune of Buggiano. Text: solvendum prefate Opere predictas quantitates pecunie per
o0202001.035va 1426 giugno 13 Acquittal of masters for inobservance of the resolutions of the wardens. Text: Opere qui osservaverunt predictas deliberationes.
o0202001.037d 1426 luglio 24 Authorization to the administrator and the master builder to sell marble of the Opera. Text: pretio marmoris ad predictas rationes.
o0202001.039d 1426 agosto 16 Hiring of carter with two horses for removal of earth and hoisting loads up to the cupola. Text: solvere ad rationes predictas et modo et
o0202001.049d 1426/7 gennaio 22 Term of payment given to a debtor. Text: observando dictis terminis predictas solutiones, et in
o0202001.070va 1427 ottobre 22 Authorization to the administrator to lend a pair of large tackles and a cord to a kilnman, with term of restitution. Text: ydonee de restituendo predictas res infra dictum
o0202001.078vg 1427/8 febbraio 24 Acquittal in favor of San Gimignano in the dispute over testamentary legacies. Text: subiacere quantum ad predictas ordinamentis de dicta
o0202001.103vb 1429 marzo 30 Limit of expense for alterations in the house of (a canon). Text: dicta domo ultra predictas expensas expendi possit
o0202001.146vh 1431 luglio 21 Authorization to pay the masters and unskilled workers who had been cancelled. Text: prefatus camerarius post predictas solutiones solvere debitum
o0202001.193vf 1432 dicembre 18 Price fixed for lumber sold to the Sapienza. Text: ordinamenta et deliberationes predictas observare et dictis
o0202001.210a 1433/4 febbraio 3 Term for the forced sale to the Opera of a shed and of a garden intended for the use of Opera personnel. Text: considerantes quod ultra predictas expensas dicti operarii
o0202001.224c 1434 novembre 18 Term of payment to the Commune of Signa. Text: fideiubeant de observando predictas solutiones; et sic
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