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o0202001.110vf 1429 agosto 4 Letter to the vicar of val di Nievole for summons of debtors, under penalty of demand of payment. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.111vi 1429 agosto 31 Authorization to the master builder to make the door of the cloister of the clergy. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.123va 1429/30 marzo 7 Letter for information on Pisan notary to be assigned to the testaments pertaining the Opera. Tommaso Corbinelli
o0202001.123vg 1429/30 marzo 15 Letters concerning the election of the notary of testaments. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.127vg 1430 maggio 29 Letter to the Podestà of Pisa for debt and for removal of marble and letter to representative of the Opera soliciting the purchase of hemp and transport of stone slab from Vada. Tommaso Corbinelli
o0202001.145vf 1431 luglio 13 Revocation of demand of payment for forced loans pertaining to a farm on account of error of identity of person. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.155vc 1431/2 marzo 3 Decision, following consultations with counsellors and experts, to contract out the tomb monument of Saint Zenobius to Ghiberti. Tommaso Corbinelli - prefetto (operaio)
o0202001.156e 1431/2 marzo 16 Authorization to sell white marble to private persons. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.156va 1431/2 marzo 18 Hiring of mason. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.156vb 1431/2 marzo 23 Authority to a warden for the manufacture of the chains of the church. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.156vh 1432 marzo 27 Hiring of a master for construction on the cupola. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.157a 1432 aprile 2 Letters to the marquis of Ferrara and to the Lord of Mantua informing them of the permission given to Brunelleschi to serve them and of the need for him to return at the end of the period of leave granted. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.157c 1432 aprile 3 Hiring of masters. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.157vl 1432 aprile 8 Release of a kilnman on condition that he supply mortar in accordance with certain agreements and that he put up surety. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.158d 1432 aprile 16 Prohibition to enter the work site of the church for having committed a obscene act in the spiral staircase of the cupola. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.158g 1432 aprile 24 Authorization to pay the days worked by a master. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.158ve 1432 aprile 29 Term of payment to a debtor. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.159vf 1432 maggio 5 Prohibition to pay allocations of funds and enter monies under expenditure without permit. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.160f 1432 maggio 10 Hiring of masters. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.160va 1432 maggio 14 Extension of deadline for payment of debt. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.160vc 1432 maggio 20 Election of two bookkeepers of the amounts due to the Opera from the pardons of the forced loans. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.161vh 1432 giugno 13 Letter to the Podestà of Dicomano to organize the removal and the transport of lumber from the forest and for three summons. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
o0202001.164d 1432 aprile 14 Dismissal of a messenger for theft and bad service. Tommaso Corbinelli - operaio
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