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o0201079.027c 1421 settembre 17 Admission to the rolls and registration of the daily wages of stonecutters and stonecutters. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.198vh 1433 maggio 28 Authority for supply of stones for the brick pavement of the tribunes. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.108vf 1429 luglio 5 Authority to the master builder for the election of 10 masters for the quarry. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.137vb 1430/1 febbraio 16 Authority to the wardens to nominate two stonecutters each. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.196g 1432/3 marzo 23 Authorization to put stonecutters to work in Trassinaia. maestri di scalpello
o0201078.008bisb 1420/1 febbraio 12 Authorization to the administrator and the master builder to hire 12 stonecutters to finish the marble cornice of the cupola. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.046d 1426 novembre 23 Authorization to the masters to work outside the Opera without permit and return with full registration of the days worked. maestri di scalpello
o0201077.041c 1420 maggio 18 Authorization to two stonecutters to work outside the Opera. maestri di scalpello
o0201080.008a 1421/2 gennaio 24 Commission to the administrator and the master builder to nominate fifteen stonecutters. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.143vc 1431 giugno 15 Dismissal of some masters and reconfirmation of others. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.239vl 1435 agosto 23 Dispatch of four stonecutters to Pisa for the construction of the Parlascio gate with advance of expenditures for each. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.140vb 1431 aprile 18 Dispatch of stonecutters for work on the castle of Castellina; letter to the administrator to solicit work. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.238vl 1435 agosto 12 Election of the master builder of the Parlascio wallworks in Pisa and letters to various persons regarding times and supplies of materials, contracting of the work and payment. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.229vl 1435 aprile 8 Election of the supervisors for the preparation of one of the new sacristies with authority to elect master carpenters, stonemasons and unskilled workers on a daily wage basis. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.112vc 1429 settembre 22 Hiring of stonecutters. maestri di scalpello
o0201077.045vb 1420 giugno 28 Hiring of workforce and dismissal of stonecutters not useful for the construction of the cupola, which is about to begin. maestri di scalpello
o0204011.011ve 1423 maggio 7 Loan of two stonecutters to Orsanmichele. maestri di scalpello
o0201074.016vb 1418 agosto 31 Loan of two stonecutters with permission to work outside the Opera and to be allowed to return. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.135d 1430/1 gennaio 3 Order that each stonecutter provide and keep ready a hammer. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.212vd 1433/4 marzo 24 Order to clean the door of the Opera and ensure that no one urinates upon it. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.192vd 1432 dicembre 9 Order to have the new headquarters for the officials of the Opera and covered areas for the stonecutters and lumber made in the garden and shed of the Tedaldi. maestri di scalpello
o0201082.012vc 1423 aprile 28 Order to stonecutters to work in Trassinaia. maestri di scalpello
o0201082.011vc 1423 aprile 23 Order to the master builder to go to the Trassinaia quarry on order of the Signori. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.200vg 1433 giugno 16 Order to the stonecutters to each keep a hammer of his own. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.129va 1430 settembre 13 Permission to two stonecutters to work for a private person. maestri di scalpello
o0201072.026vm 1417/8 marzo 17 Proclamation inviting applications to serve as masons and stonecutters. maestri di scalpello
o0202001.024vc 1425/6 marzo 18 Prohibition to the scribe of the daily wages, the master builder and the administrator to admit stonecutters without the approval the wardens. maestri (di scalpello)
o0202001.205f 1433 settembre 16 Registration of the payment made to the masters for laying waste to the rebel castles of the Pisan countryside. maestri di scalpello
o0201081.029va 1422 novembre 24 Salary of master stonecutters for the winter. maestri di scalpello
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