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o0201070b.014vb 1416/7 marzo 11 Term of payment to the abbey of Morrona with cancellation of part of its debt and obligation of guaranty. lavoratori di badia di Morrona
o0201072.014vd 1417/8 gennaio 19 Release of arrested persons, new payment deadline and corresponding guaranty. lavoratori catturati della chiesa di San Martino a Biffoli
o0201073b.005vc 1418 maggio 4 Letter to the Podestà of Ponsacco for a demand of payment from the owners and the laborers for the property gabelle. lavoratori di beni
o0201075.014vd 1418/9 marzo 24 Release of arrested person and new payment deadline. lavoratori fideiussori
o0201077.013a 1419/20 gennaio 29 Prohibition to demand payment for debt for property gabelle and forced loans, with correction of account entry. lavoratori di Giovanni Medici
o0201077.017b 1419/20 febbraio 7 Term of payment for debt for gabelles on ecclesiastical properties. lavoratori su beni ecclesiastici
o0201077.019vb 1419/20 febbraio 13 Term of payment to the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova. lavoratori ospedale Santa Maria Nuova
o0201078.017vc 1421 aprile 1 Letter to the Podestà of Peccioli for release of persons arrested for debt. lavoratori catturati di Piero Gaetani
o0201078.018va 1421 aprile 4 Term of payment for property gabelle and letter to the Podestà of Peccioli for release of debtor and arrested laborers. lavoratori catturati
o0201079.008ve 1421 luglio 24 Ruling to send debt collectors into countryside to demand payment of debtors and letter to the rectors of the countryside instructing them to assist said debt collectors. lavoratori di debitori
o0201079.052e 1421 dicembre 23 Term of payment for debt for property gabelle with restitution of pawn on condition of payment. lavoratori dei frati di Montevarchi
o0201084.003vb 1423/4 gennaio 27 Prohibition to demand payment from the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova, because it is a charitable institution, and to demand payment of, arrest and distrain its personnel. lavoratori di Santa Maria Nuova
o0201085.003a 1424 novembre 7 Authority to two wardens to manage a demand of payment together with the Tower officials. lavoratori di Pieruzzo Alberti
o0202001.031vc 1426 maggio 10 Prohibition to demand payment of the parish of San Giovanni of Senni for unregistered properties. lavoratori
o0202001.049vd 1426/7 gennaio 28 Term of payment to heirs and letter to the Podestà of Prato for alternative demand of the yield of the properties from their laborers. lavoratori
o0202001.211n 1433/4 marzo 5 Restitution of two animals. lavoratori
o0202001.245e 1435 dicembre 7 Restitution of pawn to the abbey of San Savino in the Pisan countryside out of respect for the cardinal of San Marcello, benefactor of the Duomo. lavoratori della badia di San Savino
o0202001.255c 1436 giugno 19 Cancellation of debt for new gabelles for dowry exemption and letter to the Podestà of Borgo San Lorenzo for restitution of pawn. lavoratori di monna Salvestra
o0204004.002e 1432 giugno 13 Letter to force the ox drivers to take lumber to the port, and to transmit a warrant to appear. lavoratori dei buoi
o0204011.016c 1423/4 febbraio 23 Letter to the Podestà of Bagno for the liberation of two laborers. lavoratori catturati di eredi Tanaglia
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