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o0201075.011ve 1418/9 marzo 13 Demand of payment from debtors. Text: ut dixerunt fecit certum depositum etc.
o0201076.009va 1419 agosto 11 Cancellation of debt for property gabelle because discounted for forced loans. Text: salvo quod solvat certum restum quod solvere
o0201077.003ve 1419 dicembre 30 Conferral of special commission to the administrator to take possession of a house acquired by the Opera. Text: actorem, factorem et certum nuntium spetialem providum
o0201077.018b 1419/20 febbraio 9 Cancellation of debt of the church of Santa Maria di Limite and restitution of pawns to its laborer. Text: ipsam ecclesiam possidere certum podere seu bona
o0201078.057a 1420/1 gennaio 14 Reinstatement of the terms of a previous rental for a kiln granted by the Opera to a kilnman. Text: presentibus dictis testibus certum esse dicitur quod
o0201079.020vd 1421 agosto 28 Ruling in favor of debtors regarding revoked term of payment. Text: Ricco de Bucellis certum terminum habuerunt ad
o0201079.051vd 1421 dicembre 23 Restitution of dwelling to canon who had not returned to reside in house within the time assigned. Text: eorum habitationes infra certum tempus tunc adsignatum,
o0201080.027d 1422 aprile 29 Cancellation of debt for sum paid to kilnman for reimbursement of travel expenditures. Text: MCCCCXVIII fuit factum certum stantiamentum per operarios
o0201081.005a 1422 luglio 14 Term of payment for debt for forced loans. Text: de solvendo infra certum terminum iam elapsum,
o0201081.015c 1422 settembre 4 Order to inscribe debtors for forced loans and gabelles in the debtors' registry. Text: quod solverent infra certum tempus alias ponerentur
o0201082.004c 1422/3 febbraio 15 Sale of a piece of marble. Text: emere ab Opera certum petium marmoris pro
o0201082.006a 1422/3 marzo 9 Release of arrested person who is not the holder of the properties for which he was enjoined to pay. Text: officialibus et maxime certum instrumentum per quod
o0201082.020vc 1423 giugno 17 Authorization of payment to kilnmen. Text: servandis deliberaverunt quod certum stantiamentum olim factum
o0201083.004e 1423 agosto 27 Restitution of deposit to person enjoined to pay in two urban districts. Text: qualiter ipse fecit certum depositum penes eorum
o0201083.010vb 1423 novembre 6 Registration of the days served by an ox driver to adapt a rope. Text: qui Chechus habuit certum scioperium, videlicet quinque
o0201083.011vc 1423 dicembre 9 Order to register a deposit as income. Text: atque deliberaverunt quod certum depositum olim in
o0201084.001ve 1423/4 gennaio 4 Order to the master builder to restore a ruined piece of marble on the bell tower. Text: ubi devastatum est certum marmor, prout videbitur
o0201084.005vb 1423/4 febbraio 11 Contract for figure previously commissioned to Giovanni di Bartolo, absent from Florence for debts, to Bernardo Ciuffagni with notification to the brother of said Giovanni to declare the expenditures incurred by Rosso in cutting it from the "masso" and transporting it to the port. Text: dicta civitate Vinetarum certum laborerium pro longho
o0201084.010va 1423/4 marzo 13 Term of payment for debt for herd livestock with guaranty and release of arrested person. Text: de solvendo infra certum tempus per Iohannem
o0201086.004ve 1424/5 febbraio 27 Order to debt collector of make precept to the debtors and setting of his salary. Text: prefate Opere infra certum terminum et quod
o0202001.018va 1425 dicembre 13 Letter to the Captain of Volterra with summons for defaulting kilnman. Text: quadronorum quantitatem infra certum tempus nondum finitum,
o0202001.036vd 1426 luglio 11 Authorization to the master builder to have tomb-size marble slabs cut for the external ribs of the great cupola, restoration of a terracotta figure and of a broken mosaic. Text: etiam actari facere certum musaycum fractum in
o0202001.067d 1427 settembre 9 Authority to master builder for the purchase of iron of Casentino. Title: Balia caputmagistro emendi certum ferrum de Casentino
o0202001.082l 1428 aprile 30 Authorization to the master builder to sell marble. Text: Franchi de Sacchettis certum marmorem pro pretio
o0202001.100f 1428/9 gennaio 28 Consignment of red marble to masters with restitution of the amount paid by the Opera. Text: et eius filio certum marmorem rubeum, quod
o0202001.111c 1429 agosto 4 Order to pay half of the cost of the unskilled worker who substitutes the ox driver, wounded in an accident that occurred at the hoisting machine. Text: bovarium stetisse per certum tempus infirmum occaxione
o0202001.116vi 1429 novembre 15 Injunction of distrained persons for the redemption of their pawns with arrangments for sale after the term is elapsed. Title: pignoratis fiant infra certum tempus et postea
o0202001.122a 1429/30 gennaio 31 Information on the state of the marble lying in the ports of Carrara and Avenza and dispatch of a master for the recovery of a stone altar slab. Text: faciat super eo certum signum et fieri
o0202001.127vg 1430 maggio 29 Letter to the Podestà of Pisa for debt and for removal of marble and letter to representative of the Opera soliciting the purchase of hemp and transport of stone slab from Vada. Text: Opere. Item quod certum marmorem conductum ad
o0202001.128c 1430 maggio 29 Authorization to purchase lead in small pieces at set price. Title: Pro emendo certum plunbeum
o0202001.137vh 1430/1 febbraio 24 Authorization to trim and convey lumber. Text: facere ad Operam certum lignamen incisum per
o0202001.138vc 1430/1 marzo 2 Letter to the Captain of Pisa for the restitution of marble. Text: ecclesie catthedralis Pisarum certum marmorem album Opere
o0202001.145d 1431 luglio 4 Letter for proclamation for bids to supply and saw lumber. Text: Opere ad Operam certum lignamen incisum ad
o0202001.149vg 1431 ottobre 4 Authority to contract out the making of lumber from tree tops left in the forest. Text: Opera ad faciendum certum lignamen pro Opere
o0202001.149vh 1431 ottobre 4 Authorization to cut lumber to sell to a private person. Text: possit incidi facere certum lignamen Opere quod
o0202001.151vi 1431 dicembre 12 Letter to the rectors of the countryside in order that they favor the search for lumber lost in a flood. Text: Opere pro reinveniendo certum lignamen Opere per
o0202001.156e 1431/2 marzo 16 Authorization to sell white marble to private persons. Title: vice caputmagistro vendendi certum marmorem Opere
o0202001.160h 1432 maggio 10 Dismissal of masters and new hiring. Text: tanto tempore quo certum debitum quod habet
o0202001.161b 1432 maggio 28 Injunction to the holders of the Opera's lumber to consign it by a term to be established. Text: Opere quatenus infra certum tempus per eorum
o0202001.165vg 1432 luglio 18 Order for a trip to Rosano in order to look at lumber and relative damages suffered by the Opera. Text: Salamonis qui habet certum lignamen Opere, quod
o0202001.188vg 1432 ottobre 17 Sentence for delay in the consignment of sawing of lumber as contracted. Text: Castagno de segando certum lignamen Opere infra
o0202001.188vg 1432 ottobre 17 Sentence for delay in the consignment of sawing of lumber as contracted. Text: lignamen Opere infra certum terminum iam diu
o0202001.199va 1433 giugno 10 Letter to the Captain of Pisa to get back the money given to the sailors for conveying marble. Text: pecunie pro conducendo certum marmorem a marina
o0202001.205a 1433 settembre 1 Letter to the Elders of Lucca to obtain the release of marble worked before the war. Text: placeat concedere Opere certum marmorem laboratum in
o0202001.206d 1433 ottobre 9 Letter of summons with notification of appointment to convey and raft lumber. Text: conducendo et foderando certum lignamen.
o0202001.208vb 1433 dicembre 30 Letter to the Five governors of the city and of the Pisan countryside for the restitution of marble. Text: Fraschette eorum conductori certum marmorem existentem in
o0202001.227c 1434/5 febbraio 7 Order to respect the agreements made for the alterations to be done for the bishop of Traù at the Opera's expense. Text: Opere fieri faciat certum laborerium in aconcimine
o0202001.239d 1435 agosto 12 Authorization to barter old lumber of the Opera for walnut boards. Text: caputmagister Opere barattet certum lignamen vetus Opere
o0202001.251vb 1435/6 marzo 22 Letter to the podestàs of the countryside for the lumber of the Opera to be transported with that of the Sea Consuls up to the Giustizia gate of Florence. Text: Sevem de conducendo certum lignamen Opere cum
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