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o0201074.010vb 1418 agosto 23 Term within which the shed and garden of the Alessandri must be consigned. Text: diceretur non intelligatur conductum pro maiori tempore
o0201080.032c 1422 maggio 20 Revocation of tare on the price of the marble ordered for the cornice of the cupola. Text: maioris dicte Opere conductum per Bertinum Pieri
o0201082.022a 1423 giugno 18 Reduction of tare on marble for the cornice of the cupola. Text: cupole dicte Opere conductum per Bertinum Pieri
o0201082.022b 1423 giugno 18 Concession of right of recourse to supplier of marble for failed transport and letter to the Podestà of Montelupo. Text: marmum non fuit conductum per dictum Bechum
o0201082.068d 1422/3 marzo 9 Payment for supply of white marble. Text: marmum per eos conductum in dicta Opera,
o0201086.020va 1425 giugno 1 Order to administrator, master builder and notary to check a supply of lumber and make a report about it. Text: lignamen per eum conductum a silva usque
o0202001.023va 1425/6 marzo 12 Deadline to supplier for removal of unacceptable white marble from the Opera. Text: illud marmor album conductum in prefata Opera
o0202001.072vi 1427 dicembre 4 Contract to Brunelleschi for trasnport of white marble in support of his invention of a new ship in the public interest. Text: alias per eum conductum, tam ad Operam
o0202001.078g 1427/8 gennaio 29 Debit to the account (of the supplier) for transport of marble paid to the carters. Text: de Settignano marmorem conductum per carradores a
o0202001.080e 1427/8 marzo 19 Order to the administrator to charge the supplier for the transport of marble by land rather than river at a set price. Text: per dictum Bertinum conductum per terram a
o0202001.080f 1427/8 marzo 19 Authorization to fix the price of lumber transported from the forest for the crane of the cupola. Text: Iacobi Sandri lignamen conductum per eum pro
o0202001.084c 1428 maggio 14 Letter to the Captain of Pisa for the white marble to be conveyed and letter to the notary of testaments for the collection of taxes. Text: charichare marmorem album conductum et conducendum in
o0202001.122h 1429/30 febbraio 10 Tare for marble judged unacceptable. Text: taraverunt marmorem totum conductum per conductores Opere
o0202001.127vg 1430 maggio 29 Letter to the Podestà of Pisa for debt and for removal of marble and letter to representative of the Opera soliciting the purchase of hemp and transport of stone slab from Vada. Text: quod certum marmorem conductum ad civitatem Pisarum
o0202001.136vh 1430/1 febbraio 7 Authorization to sell the building debris brought from the Tolosini palace. Text: vendere totum pezamen conductum a palatio de
o0202001.138vc 1430/1 marzo 2 Letter to the Captain of Pisa for the restitution of marble. Text: marmorem album Opere conductum per Chechum Andree
o0202001.144vf 1431 giugno 28 Order to measure lumber. Text: debeant quoddam lignamen conductum a silva Opere
o0202001.146c 1431 luglio 13 Authorization to sell the materials coming from the demolition of the jetties in the chiasso Bertinelli. Text: in chiasso Bertinelli conductum in Opera mandato
o0202001.166vl 1432 luglio 30 Cancellation of a debt incurred for omitted attestation of the timely delivery of lumber. Text: incisum, dolatum et conductum ad portum Moscie
o0202001.169ve 1432 settembre 17 Letter to a (supplier) with the order to convey lumber to the port of Moscia. Text: ad Operam lignamen conductum ad portum Moscie
o0202001.192vd 1432 dicembre 9 Order to have the new headquarters for the officials of the Opera and covered areas for the stonecutters and lumber made in the garden and shed of the Tedaldi. Text: debeat lignamen Opere conductum et quod de
o0202001.193vf 1432 dicembre 18 Price fixed for lumber sold to the Sapienza. Text: debeat totum lignamen conductum et scriptum sub
o0202001.199a 1433 maggio 28 Authority to two wardens to solicit the supply of lumber. Text: Opere et nondum conductum pro pretiis et
o0202001.208c 1433 dicembre 2 Order of demand of payment for the carters who must convey marble, who will be paid at the expense of the suppliers when transport has been effected. Text: ad Operam marmorem conductum a civitate Pisarum
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