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o0201070b.002b 1416/7 gennaio 7 Term of payment for debt for herd livestock gabelle with promise of guaranty. Text: iuri et secundum declarationem et deliberationem dictorum
o0201070b.048va 1416/7 gennaio 7 Guaranty for debt for herd livestock gabelle. Text: iure et secundum declarationem et deliberationem fiendas
o0201072.016va 1417/8 febbraio 1 Authorization to set the salary for messengers. Text: eos fattum ad declarationem Iohannis Ambrosii.
o0201072.021vi 1417/8 febbraio 25 Increase of the price agreed upon for a supply of lumber. Text: quolibet trayno ultra declarationem alias factam de
o0201074.005vd 1418 agosto 6 Authorization to the administrator to lend a rope with compensation should it deteriorate. Text: canapus deteriorabitur ad declarationem operariorum dicti Operis
o0201074.048a 1418 agosto 18 Promise of payment of the new gabelles of the Commune of Castiglione Fiorentino on the part of its procurator in the presence of the wardens, notwithstanding the protest of said town that it not be considered part of the district of Arezzo. Text: testibus etc. Nota: declarationem et iudicationem factam
o0201075.073d 1418/9 marzo 18 Exemption for debt for forced loans with guaranty. Text: de causis ad declarationem dictorum operariorum.
o0201075.077c 1419 giugno 1 Guaranty for debt of the Commune of Pozzo. Text: solvere debet secundum declarationem dictorum operariorum, ita
o0201076.008a 1419 agosto 2 Authorization to the treasurer to pay two creditors. Text: ei tangentem secundum declarationem dicti provisoris etc.
o0201076.028va 1419 novembre 7 Order to deposit with the treasurer a sum of money received from the Commune of Florence for pardon of forced loans. Text: dicta summa secundum declarationem sic fiendam solvere
o0201076.030va 1419 novembre 17 Obligation of guaranty for payment of livestock gabelle and restitution of pawn to the debtor. Text: notificatus etc. ad declarationem dictorum operariorum hinc
o0201076.076b 1419 novembre 21 Guaranty for the monastery of San Giorgio of Pontorme for debt for property gabelle. Text: gabella bonorum ad declarationem dictorum operariorum, ymo
o0201077.004vh 1419/20 gennaio 3 Order to carve certain stones in accordance with the indications of the administrator and the master builder. Text: dicte Opere secundum declarationem et iudicium Pauli
o0201077.006c 1419/20 gennaio 9 Order to the treasurer to debit to the new financial period the pending creditors of his predecessor in accordance with the declarations of the administrator. Text: tanta quantitate secundum declarationem de predictis fiendam
o0201077.009b 1419/20 gennaio 18 Ruling about the rights on pawns to be paid out to the debt collectors. Text: decem f.p. secundum declarationem et assertionem ipsius
o0201077.024ve 1419/20 marzo 6 Authorization to the administrator to sell stones for private use. Text: uno hostio ad declarationem dicti provisoris et
o0201077.067va 1420 maggio 18 Payment for stones and lumber transported in several trips between Santa Maria Novella and the Opera. Text: Mariam Novellam secundum declarationem factam per operarios
o0201077.081vg 1419/20 gennaio 25 Guaranty for debt. Text: dicte Opere secundum declarationem operariorum et ad
o0201078.014vb 1420/1 marzo 17 Authorization to sell stones to the wardens of the Opera of Santa Croce. Text: pretio consueto ad declarationem Batiste caputmagistri dicte
o0201078.039ve 1421 giugno 10 Order to pay debt for pardons of forced loans to holders of properties and demand of payment to owners and guarantors. Text: de solvendo ad declarationem dictorum operariorum, servatis
o0201078.040b 1421 giugno 13 Restitution of pawn to debtor who has paid. Text: de solvendo ad declarationem dicte Opere et
o0201079.006ve 1421 luglio 16 Contract for the custody of pawns with indications regarding the place to keep them, thefts, sale and rights. Text: et stari debeat declarationem officii operariorum pro
o0201079.013va 1421 agosto 14 Sentence of the Wool Guild for controversy between debtors and wardens concerning debt of 3000 florins and term of payment with annual installments. Text: (c. 15v) dictam declarationem et sententiam et
o0201079.013va 1421 agosto 14 Sentence of the Wool Guild for controversy between debtors and wardens concerning debt of 3000 florins and term of payment with annual installments. Text: melius potuerunt ipsam declarationem et sententiam et
o0201079.017e 1421 agosto 20 Authorization to the 4 cupola officials to hire workers for the cupola, set their salary and attend to the provision of oak and bars for sandstone blocks as needed for the work. Text: declarare, secundum quam declarationem solutio fieri possit
o0201079.056a 1421 settembre 5 Contract for supply of fir lumber. Text: interesse persolvendis ad declarationem operariorum pro tempore
o0201080.010vd 1421/2 febbraio 6 Term of payment for debt for gabelle on herd livestock. Text: satisdando tamen ad declarationem operariorum vel saltim
o0201081.008a 1422 agosto 4 Price set for ox-driven transport of materials up to the cupola. Text: Item ad declarationem pretii et salarii
o0201081.011vd 1422 agosto 14 Commission to administrator, master builder and scribe to declare the price of the loads hoisted up to the main cupola. Text: facta; et secundum declarationem per eos fiendam
o0201081.023b 1422 ottobre 6 Letter to the treasurer acting for the Commune of Florence in Arezzo ordering him to pay to Opera's rights to its treasurer. Text: officii, et ad declarationem predictorum consuluit et
o0201081.029a 1422 novembre 23 Release of debt collectors arrested for not have delivered pawns or their value, upon guaranty. Text: voluntatem et seu declarationem operariorum predictorum occasione
o0201081.084b 1422 novembre 14 Guaranty for guarantor of debtor. Text: propterea debebit secundum declarationem operariorum dicte Opere
o0202001.043d 1426 ottobre 25 Report of the notary on legal counsel obtained for dispute with the Commune of San Gimignano and term of payment to the guarantor of said Commune. Text: eorum deliberationem et declarationem et quod in
o0202001.058vd 1427 maggio 7 Obligation to the Commune of San Gimignano to pay the testamentary legacies to the Opera, in accordance with the ordinances of the Commune of Florence. Text: et personis dictam declarationem et quod debeant
o0202001.061vg 1427 giugno 21 Contract for mortar with advance on payment to be deducted on consignment. Text: et acceptabilis ad declarationem caputmagistri dicte Opere,
o0202001.089vc 1428 agosto 20 Term of payment to debtor with supply of mortar for the amount due. Text: et acceptabilis ad declarationem caputmagistri dicte Opere
o0202001.095va 1428 dicembre 23 Sentence regarding a bequest made to the Opera of dotal properties of testator's sister, recognized as property of other legitimate heirs. Text: prefatam sententiam et declarationem fuisse et esse
o0202001.113f 1429 ottobre 4 Term of payment for gabelle on persons to the Commune of Palazzo Fiorentino. Text: nomine et predictam declarationem ratificante, acceptante et
o0202001.137vi 1430/1 febbraio 27 Authority to Brunelleschi to contract out the iron for the chains. Text: et recipiens ad declarationem caputmagistri dicte Opere,
o0202001.150c 1431 ottobre 26 Assignment of a house to a canon and of part of his previous house to the baptizer at San Giovanni. Text: dominus Francischus ad declarationem dicti battezerii pro
o0202001.157d 1432 aprile 3 Authorization to convey mortar. Text: et acceptabilis ad declarationem caputmagistri Opere, et
o0202001.157vl 1432 aprile 8 Release of a kilnman on condition that he supply mortar in accordance with certain agreements and that he put up surety. Text: et acceptabilis ad declarationem caputmagistri Opere, pro
o0202001.166vg 1432 luglio 30 Authorization to the master builder to have the roof of the loggia of the chapter put in order. Text: capituli florentini ad declarationem Schiatte Uberti de
o0202001.168va 1432 settembre 17 Notification of a debt for lumber cut for other parties without authorization. Text: eidem Antonio prefatam declarationem personaliter et in
o0202001.177c 1431 giugno 23 Allocation of funds for gloves for wardens and other officials for the feast of Saint John. Text: prefatorum guantorum ad declarationem provisoris dicte Opere
o0202001.210b 1433/4 febbraio 3 Term to a kilnman for the consignment of mortar. Text: et recipientis ad declarationem caputmagistri dicte Opere,
o0202001.215a 1434 aprile 20 Authorization to commission a glass oculus of the cupola over the chapel of Saint Zenobius. Text: dictum Donatum, secundum declarationem fiendam per Iacobum
o0202001.216va 1434 maggio 14 Affirmation of debt for pardons of taxes, on the basis of legal counsel, and mode of payment. Text: et ad quamdam declarationem factam per offitiales
o0202001.236vc 1435 giugno 28 Authorization to treasurer of the forced loans to exact certain sums for which payment had erroneously not been made to the Opera. Text: Doffi et ad declarationem factam per operarios
o0202001.236ve 1435 giugno 28 Order to the administrator to cancel a debt for failed dispatch of mortar. Text: declaratione narratur prefatam declarationem fuisse scriptam manu
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