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o0201073.003a 1418 aprile 13 Terms of payment to the Commune of Prato with guaranty. Text: futuri; et de observatione dictarum solutionum dictis
o0201073b.002b 1418 aprile 13 Term of payment for forced loans. Text: prestantiarum, et pro observatione predictorum debeat ydonee
o0201077.001ve 1419 dicembre 29 Term of payment for debt with restitution of pawn. Text: ydonee satisdet de observatione predictorum et non
o0201077.004vc 1419/20 gennaio 3 Term of payment for debt for forced loans. Text: satisdando primo de observatione predictorum; et si
o0201077.005vc 1419/20 gennaio 5 Term of payment for debt for forced loans and property gabelle. Text: tamen ydonee de observatione solutionum in terminis
o0201077.007vb 1419/20 gennaio 16 Term of payment for debt for forced loans. Text: et fideiubendo de observatione predictarum solutionum infra
o0201077.016d 1419/20 febbraio 7 Term of payment for debt for forced loans. Text: fideiubendo ydonee de observatione predictorum; et si
o0201077.076a 1420 giugno 13 Contract for supply of hewn revetment stones and rent of quarry. Text: propterea et pro observatione predictorum obligavit dicto
o0201078.015vc 1420/1 marzo 19 Request to kilnman to maintain his promise for the supply of mortar and to provide guarantors to be approved by the administrator. Text: dicte Opere pro observatione contentorum in dicta
o0201078.062c 1421 aprile 30 Contract for broad bricks to kilnmen with advance of part of the payment. Text: f.p. Et de observatione omnium promissorum debeant
o0201078.030vc 1421 maggio 23 New term for debt for pardons of forced loans for unpaid installments. Text: de novo de observatione premissorum et cum
o0201078.040vb 1421 giugno 13 Term of payment for debt. Text: satisdando tamen de observatione predictorum.
o0201079.011vc 1421 agosto 14 Revocation of ruling against a lumber supplier and reinstatement of previous resolution on his supply contract. Text: mutuata; et de observatione predictorum sadisdet.
o0201079.056a 1421 settembre 5 Contract for supply of fir lumber. Text: et propterea pro observatione premissorum et pro
o0201079.029vb 1421 ottobre 4 Price set for stones quarried under contract and termination of agreement before term. Text: et sic ab observatione dicte conducte pro
o0201079.041ve 1421 novembre 14 Term of payment for unspecified debt. Text: quantum satisdet de observatione predictorum et non
o0201079.059a 1421 novembre 21 Contract for supply of 12 chestnut trees for the covering of the chapels of the third tribune. Text: dictus Nutus pro observatione premissorum dictis operariis
o0201079.047a 1421 dicembre 3 Commission to the administrator to contract out sand for building for five years. Text: per conductorem de observatione promictendorum et cum
o0201080.055a 1421/2 gennaio 10 Contract for mortar to be made in the Opera for the construction of the Duomo and relative guaranty. Text: conductorum; et de observatione predictorum ydonee satisdare,
o0201080.057a 1421/2 febbraio 14 Contract to supplier for cutting and trimming of fir lumber in the forest of Campigna. Text: satisfieri; et pro observatione omnium premissorum predictus
o0201080.055va 1421/2 marzo 12 Contract for broad bricks and guaranty. Text: diminutione. Et de observatione premissorum ipsi conductores
o0201080.026b 1422 aprile 24 Authorization to the administrator to contract out the transport of log rafts from the port of Dicomano to that of San Francesco. Text: fide tam de observatione contenta in ipsa
o0201081.006e 1422 luglio 23 Term of payment for unspecified debt with guaranty and release of arrested person. Text: facta fideiussione de observatione predictorum relapsetur.
o0201086.072vb 1425 maggio 18 Guaranty for contract for loads hoisted with oxen up on the cupola. Text: mandatis et pro observatione omnium predictorum fideiussit
o0201086.073c 1425 giugno 6 Guaranty for supply of white marble for the external ribs of the cupola. Text: mandatis et pro observatione omnium predictorum fideiusserunt
o0202001.130a 1430 settembre 15 Advance on the wages of a stonecutter given to his mother. Text: ydoneum fideiussorem pro observatione predictorum.
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