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o0201076.012b 1419 settembre 4 Oath of wardens, term of payment and restitution of pawn. Text: officium exercendo, et opus et hedificium Operis
o0201077.014va 1419/20 febbraio 7 Order to the treasurer accept in his own account the debtors from the previous financial period. Text: necessaria et quibus opus erit quod satisfiat;
o0201077.042va 1420 maggio 29 Prohibition to masters to absent themselves or dedicate themselves to other work without permission, before the completion of the tribune. Text: magistris ad ipsum opus deputatis concedenda et
o0201077.045vb 1420 giugno 28 Hiring of workforce and dismissal of stonecutters not useful for the construction of the cupola, which is about to begin. Text: fuerit non est opus magistros quamplures de
o0201078.008bisd 1420/1 febbraio 12 Appraisal of a sculpture left unfinished because of the death of the sculptor. Text: ipsa ystoria, videlicet opus eius usque in
o0201078.037c 1421 giugno 6 Dismissal of stonecutters in greater quantity than required. Text: Opera non est opus quantitatis scarpellatorum ad
o0201079.041vc 1421 novembre 10 End of rental contract of the black marble quarry of Monteferrato. Text: presens non est opus ipso marmore uti,
o0201079.045b 1421 novembre 26 Letters to the Ten supervisors of Pisa, the podestàs and the Captain instructing them seek help in conveying marble, if necessary, from suppliers and bankers in Pisa. Text: marmore conducendo si opus fuerit auxilium, consilium
o0201079.047e 1421 dicembre 4 Letter to Podestà, rectors and bankers of Pisa in favor of master for supply of marble. Text: Pisis quod si opus erit de denariis
o0201080.026va 1422 aprile 29 Authorization to the administrator to contract out 400.000 broad bricks to be conveyed in four years at set price, with advance to be deducted. Text: et intellecto qualiter opus est et necessarium
o0201081.012vd 1422 agosto 26 Sale of stones extracted in excess from the Rinucci quarry. Text: qualiter non est opus dicte Opere tot
o0201081.013vb 1422 agosto 28 Renunciation of the rental of the quarry of Monte Oliveto because there is no need of stones with condition of new contract of the same to private person who has invested in it. Text: lapidibus non est opus deliberaverunt quod cava
o0201086.015e 1425 maggio 2 Oath of wardens. Text: fraude exercere et opus fabrice predicte ut
o0202001.028a 1426 aprile 21 Fines of the masters of Lastra if they do not complete the work on the castle; election of masters for work on the castle of Malmantile. Text: dicti castri ubi opus est rifundari unus
o0202001.032vb 1426 maggio 15 Authorization to repair the roof of the square of the Signori at the expense of the Opera. Title: ea parte qua opus est
o0202001.040va post 1426 agosto 30 Oath of wardens and authority to Brunelleschi to contract out large broad bricks for the cupola. Text: modellum dicte Opere opus dicte cupole et
o0202001.062h 1427 giugno 30 Dismissal of blacksmith until the master builder deems his collaboration necessary. Text: Opera suo laborerio opus sit et quod
o0202001.113ve 1429 ottobre 10 Order to remodel the Florentine Studio without exceeding the sum foreseen. Text: eorum caputmagistrum est opus reactari facere quedam
o0202001.118ve 1429 dicembre 14 Term of payment to the Commune of Montecatini for debt for pardons. Text: offitio videbitur fore opus.
o0202001.131vo 1430 settembre 20 Assignment of a house to a canon. Text: dictorum consulum ubi opus esset.
o0202001.137f 1430/1 febbraio 15 Order for a trip to Castellina, Rencine and Staggia for the fortification of the castles. Text: providendum illud quod opus est circa fortificationem
o0202001.157a 1432 aprile 2 Letters to the marquis of Ferrara and to the Lord of Mantua informing them of the permission given to Brunelleschi to serve them and of the need for him to return at the end of the period of leave granted. Text: elapso dicto tempore opus edifitii eorum indiget
o0202001.170c 1425/6 gennaio 24 Authority to consuls and wardens to build a stable for a canon. Text: in dicto stabulo opus esset, quod quidem
o0202001.177a 1430/1 gennaio 23 Destruction of the model of the church except for the armature of the cupola. Text: hoc ut, si opus esset, de ea
o0202001.199e 1433 giugno 4 Request to the Signori for letter to the Elders of Lucca to permit transit of marble. Text: consuetis; et si opus est fiat littera
o0202001.238vl 1435 agosto 12 Election of the master builder of the Parlascio wallworks in Pisa and letters to various persons regarding times and supplies of materials, contracting of the work and payment. Text: fortilitii et, si opus est quod aliqui
o0202001.239vi 1435 agosto 23 Order to raze the walls existing between the old and new church and to work in the garden of the shed as requested by the six officials appointed over the choir. Text: ecclesiam veterem et opus novum dicte Opere,
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