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o0201074.012vb 1418 agosto 31 Sentence to reduce the new gabelles imposed against the Commune of Castiglione Fiorentino, in virtue of the authority attributed to the wardens to examine the protest of immunity advanced by the men of said Commune. Text: et ut supra ordinatum est, possit dictum
o0201077.010va 1419/20 gennaio 23 Term of payment for debt for forced loans. Text: prout est superius ordinatum.
o0201077.017c 1419/20 febbraio 7 Authorization to the notifier of secret debts to collect 2 denari per lira from each debtor. Text: prout fuit hactenus ordinatum; et sic ipse
o0201077.031d 1420 aprile 1 Measures for the celebration of the Candlemas. Text: operarios dicte Opere ordinatum, absque electione vel
o0201079.051vd 1421 dicembre 23 Restitution of dwelling to canon who had not returned to reside in house within the time assigned. Text: tunc officium operariorum ordinatum quod canonici dicte
o0201079.059b 1421 novembre 29 Contract for hoisting of loads with oxen or horses up to the main cupola. Text: estatis prout est ordinatum secundum ordinamenta dicte
o0201079.067vd 1421 luglio 18 Payment to Filippo Brunelleschi for his ingenuity in making the new hoisting machine. Text: hedifitium factum et ordinatum pro dicta Opera
o0201079.067vd 1421 luglio 18 Payment to Filippo Brunelleschi for his ingenuity in making the new hoisting machine. Text: est factum et ordinatum f. C Eo
o0201080.026b 1422 aprile 24 Authorization to the administrator to contract out the transport of log rafts from the port of Dicomano to that of San Francesco. Text: cetera provisum et ordinatum rationibus et causis
o0201081.007va 1422 agosto 4 Revocation of the previous resolution on the sale price of lumber and new ruling. Text: quam sit hactenus ordinatum et consuetum et
o0201081.008va 1422 agosto 7 Confirmation of the resolution on the tare for broad bricks with order to the administrator to register it in the accounts of the kilnmen under penalty of dismissal from his office, registration as debtors of those who purchased lumber at a lower price than was due and term for removing 7 cartloads of broad bricks. Text: hactenus consuetum et ordinatum in ea quantitate
o0201081.019e 1422 settembre 16 Term of payment for debt for pardons to three communes and letter to the relative podestàs instructing them to impose duties. Text: solvenda infra tempus ordinatum, ita quod solutio
o0201084.008vc 1423/4 febbraio 29 Authorization to contract out lumber and cut it in pieces for making roof struts. Text: solepniter per eos ordinatum fuerit.
o0201084.015vb 1424 aprile 22 Public proclamations for the sale of the pawns. Text: alias factum et ordinatum fuit.
o0201086.016a 1425 maggio 16 Hiring of blacksmith and setting of his salary. Text: fuit sancitum et ordinatum et considerantes pauperitatem
o0201086.019a 1425 maggio 22 Confirmation of contract made from the Ten of Pisa to carpenters for the doors of Malmantile. Text: per offitium fuerit ordinatum omnibus expensis dictorum
o0201086.022vb 1425 giugno 12 Order to the notary of testaments to exact from debtors the amount deliberated by the consuls and wardens. Text: fuit sancitum et ordinatum per comsules et
o0202001.002vb 1425 luglio 3 Prohibition to pay the salary to the administrator of the castles of Lastra and Malmantile. Text: fuerit provisum et ordinatum.
o0202001.032vb 1426 maggio 15 Authorization to repair the roof of the square of the Signori at the expense of the Opera. Text: iam diu fuit ordinatum per opportuna comsilia
o0202001.034vc 1426 giugno 7 Election of the accountant of the forced loans with salary set. Text: primo provisum et ordinatum per operarios dicte
o0202001.053g 1426/7 marzo 6 Oath of wardens. Text: tactis modellum antiquum ordinatum per Populum florentinum
o0202001.080b 1427/8 marzo 16 Order to the administrator to exact debts in the city of Florence, under penalty of dismissal from office. Text: prout alias extitit ordinatum per offitium ipsorum
o0202001.139c 1430/1 marzo 14 Fortification of the castles of Castellina, Rencine and Staggia. Text: fuit deliberatum et ordinatum per consilia opportuna
o0202001.141a 1431 aprile 26 Authorization to set the salary for unskilled workers. Text: si factum et ordinatum esset per eorum
o0202001.155b 1431/2 febbraio 22 Authority to two wardens to negotiate the purchase of the shed and garden of the Tedaldi and to transfer the things of the Opera. Text: statutum, deliberatum et ordinatum per eorum offitium.
o0202001.161a 1432 maggio 28 Release of an arrested person who had not been duly notified. Text: notificatum eidem ut ordinatum fuit per eorum
o0202001.161vc 1432 giugno 6 Confirmation of the release of an arrested person not duly notified. Text: eorum offitium fuit ordinatum et quod in
o0202001.167vc 1432 agosto 14 Notification to the treasurers (of the Commune) to pay money due in accordance with the statutes. Text: per provisiones prefatas ordinatum.
o0202001.206vf 1433 ottobre 26 Authority to set the salaries of the masters who went to lay waste the castles in the Pisan countryside. Text: fuerit provisum et ordinatum, in predictis eorum
o0202001.212vf 1434 aprile 3 Letter to the vicar of Lari for the bells of the destroyed castles. Text: Operam, ut fuit ordinatum.
o0202001.233c 1435 maggio 4 Confirmation of the rulings made against the treasurers whose accounts have been and will be reviewed according to what is decreed. Text: fuit sancitum et ordinatum per offitium ipsorum
o0202001.233h 1435 maggio 6 Authority to the new supervisors for the organ loft, glass windows, Saint Zenobius tomb and organs. Text: fuit provisum et ordinatum, dando et tribuendo
o0202001.233va 1435 maggio 6 Confirmation of the rental of a house. Text: prout alias fuit ordinatum per eorum antecessores.
o0202001.233vi 1435 maggio 10 Authority to a (officer) to oversee a glass oculus without modifying the design already approved. Text: per eorum offitium ordinatum.
o0202001.235vm 1435 giugno 14 Letter to the supervisors and to the Captain of Pisa to have the fortress over the Parlascio gate constructed as planned. Text: facere prout est ordinatum et deliberatum per
o0202001.252d 1436 aprile 18 Letter to the vicar of Vicopisano for the rebels' properties, and for mortar and sand to be delivered. Text: ut alias fuit ordinatum, et placeat sibi
o0202001.254b 1436 maggio 26 Order to make the tomb monument of John Hawkwood in accordance with the instructions of the Popolo and Commune of Florence. Text: Hauto prout fuit ordinatum per consilia oportuna
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