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o0201070.017b 1417 aprile 26 Rulings in favor of the family of the holder of rights upon a house sold to the Opera to widen the street of Santa Reparata. Text: unam domum tunc positam in populo Sancte
o0201073.017c 1418 maggio 13 Rent of a house with shop to a carpenter for three years. Text: domum cum apoteca positam in populo Sancti
o0201073.017vb 1418 maggio 18 Rent of a house with carpenter's shop for three years. Text: exercet artem suam, positam in dicto populo
o0201074.009d 1418 agosto 19 Authorization to purchase a house. Text: unam suam domum positam in populo Sancti
o0201074.019e 1418 settembre 14 Demand of payment for herd livestock and right of recourse in favor of the debtor against the owner of the animals. Text: totam summam sibi positam et habeat regressum
o0201074.048va 1418 agosto 19 Purchase of a house. Text: Opere domum unam positam Florentie in populo
o0201074.051d 1418 ottobre 11 Rent of a kiln for three years. Text: cum duobus fornellis positam in via delle
o0201075.004a 1418/9 gennaio 25 Rent of house for two years with six months' notice in case of demolition to make room for the cloister of the canons and chaplains. Text: domum dicti Operis positam in populo Sancti
o0201077.011ve 1419/20 gennaio 26 Revocation of demand of payment on the basis of testament and dotal properties. Text: possideat unam domum positam in civitate Florentie
o0201077.013a 1419/20 gennaio 29 Prohibition to demand payment for debt for property gabelle and forced loans, with correction of account entry. Text: se ad gabellam positam super ipsis bonis
o0201077.044vf 1420 giugno 15 Election of supervisors of the forest to repair the damages caused in it by lack of surveillance. Text: silvam dicte Opere positam in plano Campigne
o0201077.075a 1420 giugno 12 Contract for quarry located in the parish of San Quirico a Marignolle. Text: eius cavam lapidum positam in populo Sancti
o0201077.075va 1420 giugno 13 Rental of the shop in via dell'Oblazione. Text: apothecam dicte Opere positam in civitatis Florentie
o0201078.056a 1420/1 gennaio 14 Rent of a brick kiln belonging to of the abbey of Settimo for five years. Text: fornacem da mattoni positam in comitatu Florentie
o0201079.042a 1421 novembre 14 Commission to the administrator to rent out a house for five years. Text: domum dicte Opere positam in via Oblationis
o0201079.060a 1421 dicembre 17 Rent of a house for five years. Text: curia et orto positam in populo Sancte
o0201080.017b 1421/2 marzo 13 Exemption for dotal properties. Text: dicti olim Petri positam in populo Sancti
o0201080.033a 1422 giugno 3 Rulings against large animals that enter in the forest, except oxen for towing lumber, and letter to the Podestà of Portico and Dicomano ordering them to proclaim the decree. Text: in ipsam silvam positam in Alpibus Cornioli
o0201080.060a 1422 giugno 10 Rent of shop in via dell'Oblazione with possibility of retrocession at the end of every year. Text: apothecam dicte Opere positam in civitate Florentie
o0201082.006b 1422/3 marzo 9 Term of payment to tenant of debtor with guaranty and restitution of pawns. Text: pensionem domum unam positam in vexillo Curri,
o0202001.003vb 1425 luglio 20 Precept to carpenter to evacuate house and shop rented from the Opera. Text: cum quadam apoteca positam suttus dictam domum
o0202001.004va 1425 luglio 30 Assignment of house to chaplain with obligation of evacuate it in accordance with the will of the Opera. Text: continetur quamdam domum positam in populo Sancti
o0202001.008c 1425 agosto 22 Confirmation of rent of house. Text: salis, et camer(is), positam in civitate Florentie
o0202001.071a 1427 ottobre 30 Authority to the administrator for rental of house for cantor. Text: cuiusdam de Amannatis positam penes coquinam presbiterorum
o0202001.097b 1428 novembre 29 Authorization to buy a house in the court of the Visdomini. Text: fratri quamdam domunculam positam penes curiam de
o0202001.132g 1430 settembre 27 Concession of a house to a chaplain. Text: florentine quamdam domum positam in claustro maioris
o0202001.139ve 1431 marzo 27 Revocation of demand of payment due to an error and new registration in the book of the debtors. Text: solutionem librarum XXV positam ad introytum dicti
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