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o0201072.021vh 1417/8 febbraio 25 Obligation to the messengers to pay a monthly contribution to a colleague. Text: dicti Operis tam presentes quam futuri intelligantur
o0201074.048a 1418 agosto 18 Promise of payment of the new gabelles of the Commune of Castiglione Fiorentino on the part of its procurator in the presence of the wardens, notwithstanding the protest of said town that it not be considered part of the district of Arezzo. Text: dicti Operis tam presentes quam futuros et
o0201076.023e 1419 ottobre 24 Order to do work in the houses of the canons and chaplains. Text: etc. quod operarii presentes et qui pro
o0201077.007a 1419/20 gennaio 10 Notification to messengers and debt collectors of means and schedules for demand of payment and distraint to debtors. Text: debitores dicte Opere presentes vel futuros realiter
o0201077.034va 1420 aprile 16 Authorization to buy a house. Text: pratica sunt operarii presentes cum dicto ...
o0201077.034va 1420 aprile 16 Authorization to buy a house. Text: atque deliberaverunt quod presentes operarii dicte Opere
o0201077.038c 1420 aprile 30 Authorization to buy materials for the cupola. Text: deliberatum fuerit per presentes officiales ipsius cupole
o0201078.008bisvc 1420/1 febbraio 17 Sale of big fir logs previously transported to the Opera with excess transport costs at the expense of the purchaser. Text: per quinque fabas presentes et concordes, et
o0201080.006vc 1421/2 gennaio 19 Oath of the notary and regulations for the registration of the deposits of Pisa. Text: camerarium et notarium presentes et futuros, et
o0201082.012a 1423 aprile 23 Cancellation of old contract for broad bricks for the cupola with price set for those already made and fired and new contract. Text: consules Artis Lane presentes et preteritos fuit
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen. Text: visa experientia per presentes operarios facta de
o0201082.014va 1423 aprile 28 Authorization to correct or reduce contracts of broad bricks. Text: dicte Opere tam presentes quam qui pro
o0201084.008vc 1423/4 febbraio 29 Authorization to contract out lumber and cut it in pieces for making roof struts. Text: Opere predicte tam presentes quam qui pro
o0201084.013c 1424 aprile 4 Authorization to treasurer, notary and administrator to pay salaries. Text: in parte operarii presentes Opere; et quod
o0201086.024vd 1425 giugno 26 Order to administrator and treasurer not to distribute to others the amount set to be given to the Commune of Gangalandi. Text: et camerarius tam presentes quam futuri prefate
o0202001.004va 1425 luglio 30 Assignment of house to chaplain with obligation of evacuate it in accordance with the will of the Opera. Text: prefati operarii tam presentes quam futuri vellent
o0202001.038e 1426 agosto 8 Letter of thanks for favors received. Text: et quod per presentes destinant Bertinum illuc
o0202001.104c 1429 aprile 12 Order to the administrator to enjoin the treasurers of the Commune for the amount due to the Opera with term of payment, under penalty of dismissal from office. Text: executioni contra camerarios presentes qui haberent pecunias
o0202001.139c 1430/1 marzo 14 Fortification of the castles of Castellina, Rencine and Staggia. Text: Florentie propter guerras presentes.
o0202001.170c 1425/6 gennaio 24 Authority to consuls and wardens to build a stable for a canon. Text: prefate Opere tam presentes quam futuri habeant
o0202001.170va 1425/6 gennaio 30 Authority to the wardens to limit the expenditures for the houses of canons, chaplains and priests. Text: prefate Opere tam presentes quam futuri in
o0202001.174a 1428 ottobre 12 Acceptance of marble with tare. Text: deliberaverunt quod operarii presentes dicte Opere possint
o0202001.174c 1428/9 febbraio 14 Acceptance of a larger shipment of broad bricks than agreed upon and cancellation of the advance received. Text: partito, deliberaverunt quod presentes operarii non obstante
o0202001.174vc 1428/9 febbraio 25 Authority to the wardens of make repairs to the houses of the canons and chaplains. Text: dicte Opere tam presentes quam futuri habeant
o0202001.175b 1429 maggio 12 Authority to the wardens for the demolition of houses near those bought from the Visdomini, at the entrance of the Opera. Text: deliberaverunt quod operarii presentes possint et eis
o0202001.175va 1429 settembre 22 Order to send away women of all ranks living in the cloister except in the case of illness of clerics. Text: prefati operarii tam presentes quam futuri declarari
o0202001.176vc 1430 dicembre 19 Authorization to build a new kitchen for the chapter. Text: dicte Opere tam presentes quam futuri expensis
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