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o0201074.004c 1418 luglio 21 Contract for corbels with agreement to produce them in the Opera. Text: Opere beccatellos et promictere hinc ad per
o0201074.005a 1418 agosto 4 Authorization to contract out broad bricks. Text: Operis et sibi promictere pro quolibet miliario
o0201074.026f 1418 ottobre 27 Obligation to the workforces employed during the winter to work in the summer as well. Text: teneantur et debeant promictere laborare etiam in
o0201074.031c 1418 dicembre 9 Salary set for masters. Text: et sic debeant promictere et satisdare etc.
o0201076.022b 1419 ottobre 24 Ruling for the cornice of corbels commissioned together with the corbels for the third tribune and new contract for early consignment. Text: beccatellos, quia noluit promictere ipsos ante mensem
o0201076.024vf 1419 ottobre 30 Order to the debt collectors of take oath within eight days from the notification. Text: notificationis eisdem fiende promictere et iurare penes
o0201077.074vb 1420 giugno 3 Contract for supply of mortar of Alberese stone without pebbles with advance on payment. Text: ipsum ser Laurentium promictere et satisdare ipsum
o0201078.007b 1420/1 gennaio 31 Authorization to the administrator to contract out supply of mortar for five years. Text: cuiuslibet anni, et promictere sibi mutuum florenorum
o0201078.023vd 1421 aprile 16 Authorization to the administrator to promise to the creditors the extinction of a debt of a lumber supplier, with guaranty in the presence of the notary to supply lumber in the amount concerned. Text: dicte Opere tantum promictere et promissionem facere
o0201079.046vb 1421 novembre 27 Authorization to the administrator to contract out hoisting materials up to the cupola for a year with specification of the compensation per load and of the advance. Text: et sibi mutuo promictere super ipsa conducta
o0201080.022b 1422 marzo 31 New rental of the quarry of Monte Oliveto to assist a (carter) held, nevertheless, to the payment of the rent. Text: indepnem debeat totaliter promictere et satisdare, si
o0201080.057vc 1422 maggio 15 Five-year contract for rafting and transport of lumber cut and trimmed in the forest of the Opera, with guaranty. Text: supra stipulanti ydonee promictere et cavere per
o0201086.044b 1424/5 febbraio 27 Payment to master to build walls, doors and outer doors of the castle of Lastra with promise to not request additional money until the end of the work. Text: prefatus Laurentius teneatur promictere notario dicte Opere
o0202001.004c 1425 luglio 30 Term of payment given to debtors. Text: teneantur de novo promictere pro dicto Marcho
o0202001.023vb 1425/6 marzo 12 Authorization to the administrator to contract out supply of quarry stone mortar. Text: ad minus et promictere dicto Benedicto nomine
o0202001.046vb 1426 novembre 28 Election of two debt collectors. Text: eorum offitium iurare, promictere et satisdare ydonee
o0202001.050vf 1426/7 febbraio 4 Authority to the supervisor of the cupola to contract out the kiln of the abbey of Settimo. Text: dictus Gherardus teneatur promictere conservare dictam Operam
o0202001.059va 1427 maggio 7 Authorization to the master builder to permit the quarrying of sandstone blocks in Trassinaia, according to the requirements of the Wool Guild. Text: et dampno possit promictere et promicti facere
o0202001.098e 1428 dicembre 29 Order to the administrator and master builder to have a study made in the house of a canon with limit of expenditure and to debit to him the eventual excess cost. Text: expendere et sic promictere teneatur prefatus dominus
o0202001.119c 1429 dicembre 19 Letter to the vicar of val di Nievole for the imposition of a duty in the Commune of Montecatini with election of its own treasurer. Text: teneatur iurare et promictere dictam pecuniam non
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