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o0201072.015b 1417/8 gennaio 20 Term to the administrator of the new gabelles for the consignment of the books of income from that source. Text: et pecuniam aliarum rerum dicte gabelle debeant
o0201076.050f 1419 luglio 19 Payment for transport of lumber between the Duomo and Santa Maria Novella. Text: lignaminis et aliarum rerum, videlicet a Sancta
o0201076.050g 1419 luglio 19 Payment for transport of lumber and of other things from Santa Maria Novella to the Duomo. Text: lignaminis et aliarum rerum per eum portatarum
o0201077.003a 1419 dicembre 30 Proclamation for terms of payment for debts of pardons. Text: florenorum et aliarum rerum dicto Communi tunc
o0201077.025e 1419/20 marzo 6 Cancellation of debt for property gabelle of the church of San Martino of Vico. Text: numquam fuit in rerum na(tura) secundum fidem
o0201077.065c 1420 aprile 12 Payment for transport of various things for the Pope's residence. Text: XXV carrettis plurium rerum portatis ad Sanctam
o0201078.029va 1421 maggio 5 Order for demand of payment with penalty to the debtors on commission of the administrator and notary of the Wool Guild and the Opera. Text: auri, pecuniarum vel rerum quantitate vel summa
o0201082.082h 1422/3 marzo 1 Arrest for unspecified debt. Text: 260 et aliarum rerum et in libro
o0201083.092e 1423 agosto 16 Arrest for unspecified debt. Text: porte tamquam fideiussor rerum et bonorum Bettini
o0201086.012b 1425 aprile 18 Order not to sell materials without permission of the provost, except marble and lumber, with obligation to the treasurer and the notary to enter them in the income journal before sale. Text: pecunia et valor rerum que venderentur mictatur
o0201086.041e 1424/5 gennaio 24 Salary allowance of the scribe of the daily wages. Text: eius provisione omnium rerum existentium in Opera
o0201086.047vc 1425 aprile 17 Payment to cooper. Text: tinellarum et aliarum rerum datarum Opere predicte
o0202001.015vc 1425 novembre 23 Letter to the Podestà of Vicopisano instructing him to demand payment of debtor for a piece of land located at Cesano, which is the object of litigation with the Opera. Text: traditis queruntur dominia rerum, ut l. traditionibus
o0202001.087vd 1428 luglio 14 Order to the administrator to have the latrines of the Duomo repaired and the wood supports of banners and shields. Title: Pro acconcimine certarum rerum ecclesie maioris
o0202001.101i 1429 giugno 30 Sale of stolen objects at the price offered by the highest bidder, with the exception of a tunic. Text: provisorem pro rata rerum ablatarum et earum
o0202001.101vd 1428/9 febbraio 23 Approval of guarantor and term for restitution for the amount of the damages of a theft. Title: Venditio rerum furatarum per venetos
o0202001.155vc 1431/2 marzo 3 Decision, following consultations with counsellors and experts, to contract out the tomb monument of Saint Zenobius to Ghiberti. Text: architectores ceterosque earum rerum eruditi et viderent
o0202001.155vc 1431/2 marzo 3 Decision, following consultations with counsellors and experts, to contract out the tomb monument of Saint Zenobius to Ghiberti. Text: tamquam peritiori earum rerum que in eo
o0202001.161vb 1432 maggio 30 Registration of the days worked in the restoration of the oculus of the facade towards the bell tower. Text: quod Filippozius custos rerum Opere sine suo
o0202001.202e 1433 luglio 3 Order of restitution of lumber lent. Text: seu pretium ipsarum rerum.
o0202001.242d 1435 ottobre 4 Order to the scribe to keep a record of the things to be transported to the Opera and obligation for the administrator and the master builder to denounce the errors noticed. Text: et scripturas computi rerum conducendarum ad Operam
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