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o0201073b.007ve 1418 maggio 28 Authorization to purchase stones. Text: quocumque voluerit, dummodo ydoneos et sufficientes et
o0201078.010vd 1420/1 marzo 3 Authorization to the master builder to select suitable masters for quarrying sandstone blocks. Text: quos voluerit et ydoneos esse iudicabit, ad
o0201078.015vc 1420/1 marzo 19 Request to kilnman to maintain his promise for the supply of mortar and to provide guarantors to be approved by the administrator. Text: quattuor fideiussores comitatinos ydoneos approbandos per provisorem.
o0201078.028b 1421 aprile 29 Approval of guarantors for an advance obtained on the payment of a supply of broad bricks. Text: satisdare tenetur per ydoneos fideiussores penes dictam
o0201078.028b 1421 aprile 29 Approval of guarantors for an advance obtained on the payment of a supply of broad bricks. Text: supra approbaverunt per ydoneos, videlicet: Niccolaum predictum
o0201078.029b 1421 aprile 29 Letter to the Podestà of Peccioli in order that the communes of said Podesteria discharge their debts, summons of two men and release from precept of the syndics. Text: officium duos homines ydoneos de dicta Potestaria
o0201078.031c 1421 maggio 24 Approval of guarantors for contract for broad bricks. Text: ipsos approbaverunt per ydoneos.
o0201079.005vb 1421 luglio 10 Authorization to the master builder to put to work in the Opera six unskilled workers whom he deems suitable. Text: sex manovales quo ydoneos fore iudicaverit.
o0201079.034vb 1421 ottobre 22 Commission to the master builder to dismiss unskilled workers in excess. Text: quos minus esse ydoneos iudicaverit et eisdem
o0201079.042c 1421 novembre 18 Letter to the Captain of Cortona with summons for two citizens guaranteeing for debt for gabelle; letter to any podestà of the countryside of Arezzo for the same purpose. Text: cogat duos cives ydoneos dicte civitatis ad
o0201083.009d 1423 novembre 6 Term of payment for debt for herd livestock and letter to the Podestà of Pieve Santo Stefano instructing him to release from arrest the debtor and his guarantor. Text: per duos fideiussores ydoneos; et quod scribatur
o0201083.056c 1423 luglio 27 Contract for cutting, trimming and transport of fir lumber. Text: f.p. satisdando per ydoneos fideiussores de ipsa
o0201084.003c 1423/4 gennaio 27 Concession of sale of pawns with guaranty and term for giving back pawns to distrained party before said sale. Text: futuros, satisdandum per ydoneos fideiussores antequam habeat
o0201085.005vb 1424 dicembre 2 Term of payment for unspecified debt. Text: prestare dicte Opere ydoneos fideiussores de solvendo
o0201085.005vc 1424 dicembre 2 Authority to master builder, scribe of the daily wages and administrator to set the winter salaries of the unskilled workers. Text: eisdem videbitur fore ydoneos pro servitio dicte
o0202001.020e 1425/6 gennaio 18 Term of payment to the communes of Signa and of Pontorme for debt for pardons. Text: Opere, dando fideiussores ydoneos de solvendo dictis
o0202001.021f 1425/6 gennaio 29 Approval of a guarantor. Text: Item approbaverunt in ydoneos fideiussores pro infrascriptis
o0202001.062ve 1427 luglio 3 Authority to the master builder to assign work to the masters and dismiss those least qualified for the tasks in hand. Text: videbitur fore minus ydoneos pro dicta Opera.
o0202001.090c 1428 agosto 20 Declaration of status of legitimate debtor in favor of person arrested for theft of roof tiles from the houses destroyed near San Simone. Text: per duos testes ydoneos probaverit non abstulisse
o0202001.112ve 1429 settembre 27 Sale of 102 items of pawns to the highest bidder. Text: et socii prestent ydoneos fideiussores de solvendo
o0202001.113b 1429 ottobre 4 Approval of guarantors. Text: ydoneis et in ydoneos pro dicta quantitate.
o0202001.138va 1430/1 marzo 2 Term of payment to a debtor. Text: dictis temporibus Opere ydoneos fideiussores in curia
o0202001.148vb 1431 settembre 25 Acceptance of the petition presented on account of some debtors for a large sum, which was unknown to the Opera, allowing for payment in annual installments. Text: dicti sui amici ydoneos fideiussores de solvendo
o0202001.149vn 1431 ottobre 5 Order to execute work on the premises of the Commune in accordance with the order slip of the Signori. Text: quos eligerit fore ydoneos ad parendum prefatis
o0202001.201e 1433 giugno 22 Authority to the administrator and to the master builder to contract out marble at fixed price with provision for supplement for transport by land in case of need. Text: et prestare Opere ydoneos fideiussores approbandos per
o0202001.218b 1434 giugno 17 Restitution of pawns. Text: Opere prefate duos ydoneos fideiussores de dando
o0202001.223vc 1434 novembre 5 Sale of pawns. Text: ydonee fideiubeat per ydoneos fideiussores approbandos per
o0202001.223vc 1434 novembre 5 Sale of pawns. Text: Dominico Maghaldi in ydoneos fideiussores ad predictam
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