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o0201070.002d 1416/7 gennaio 4 Term of payment to the clergy of Montepulciano. preposto
o0201070.009a 1416/7 febbraio 26 Authorization to the notary of testaments to elect two debt collectors. preposto
o0201070.009vc 1416/7 febbraio 27 Drawing of the provost. Agnolo di Tommaso Corbinelli - preposto
o0201070.012vc 1416/7 marzo 13 Drawing of the provost. Niccolò di Marco Benvenuti - preposto
o0201070b.079g 1416/7 febbraio 10 Arrest for debt for property gabelle of the church of San Martino a Lifoli. Ugolino - preposto
o0201072.031c 1418 aprile 5 Authorization to spend for adorning an altar. preposto
o0201072.032d 1418 aprile 6 Election of the messengers and setting of their salary with guaranties. preposto
o0201073.001b 1418 aprile 9 Drawing of the provost. Lorenzo d'Andrea di messer Ugo - preposto
o0201075.013d 1418/9 marzo 21 Term of payment to debtors for pardons of forced loans. preposto
o0201075.032ve 1419 giugno 9 Authorization to sell old ropes. preposto
o0201078.038vd 1421 giugno 10 Charge to the provost to set terms of payment for debts to communes, parishes, places and persons. preposto
o0201079.026vb 1421 settembre 17 Authorization to the provost with one of the wardens to set and allocate the amount the suppliers must reimburse to the stonecutter sent to the forest to solicit them. preposto
o0201079.027vc 1421 ottobre 1 Ruling to assure collection of debts, assignment of terms and payments in grape harvest time. preposto
o0201080.013g 1421/2 febbraio 25 Concession to the provost and partner to set terms of payment for debtor parishes and communes. preposto
o0201080.023f 1422 aprile 9 Term of payment for debt to the Commune of Vespignano, to the baptismal parish and Commune of Cascia and to the Commune of Pontorme. preposto
o0201081.021va 1422 settembre 24 Term of payment for debt for contract for of wine and butchering gabelles. Antonio di Michele Velluti - preposto
o0202001.035f 1426 giugno 13 Prohibition to master stonecutters and masons to work outside the Opera without the permission of the provost and a warden. preposto
o0202001.124h 1429/30 marzo 18 Permission to masters to work outside the Opera. preposto
o0202001.140i 1431 aprile 13 Drawing of the provost. Andrea di Michele Velluti - preposto
o0202001.143va 1431 giugno 15 Extraordinary rulings pertaining to supplies of mortar and broad bricks in times of particular economic hardship. Bernardo Guasconi - preposto
o0202001.156vg 1431/2 marzo 23 Prohibition to the masons to work outside the Opera without permission and injunction to those already gone to return. preposto
o0202001.157vh 1432 aprile 6 Prohibition to the masters to work outside the Opera without permission of the provost. preposto
o0202001.210a 1433/4 febbraio 3 Term for the forced sale to the Opera of a shed and of a garden intended for the use of Opera personnel. Antonio di Ghezzo Della Casa - preposto
o0204004.035i 1434 aprile 10 Payment for towage of lumber. preposto
o0204004.035l 1434 aprile 10 Payment for taking lumber from the forest. preposto
o0204011.013vi 1423 settembre 11 Term of payment to stationer guarantor, who is released from arrest following new guaranty. preposto
o0204013.044vl 1432 dicembre 3 Payment to a blacksmith for adjusting the clapper of the bell. Piero Del Palagio - preposto
o0204013.044vl 1432 dicembre 3 Payment to a blacksmith for adjusting the clapper of the bell. Filippo di messer Biagio Guasconi - preposto
o0204013.070a 1433/4 febbraio 12 Payment for petty expenses. Giovanni di messer Forese - preposto
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