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o0201073.008a 1418 aprile 29 Valuation of a roughed out marble figure and appointment to another of sculpt it. Bernardo Ciuffagni - intagliatore
o0201077.040a 1420 maggio 14 Appraisal of an unfinished figure. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0201079.038vd 1421 ottobre 31 Reduction of debt with term of payment to Ciuffagni for statue of prophet left unfinished and subsequently commissioned to Donatello and Giovanni of Bartolo. Bernardo Ciuffagni - debitore
o0201079.087ve 1421 novembre 8 Guaranty for Bernardo Ciuffagni, debtor for balance of payment on a marble figure he had begun to carve. Bernardo Ciuffagni - debitore
o0201081.021c 1422 settembre 22 Contract for marble gutter spout for the third tribune. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0201082.005a 1422/3 febbraio 19 Order to stonecutter to pay again for white marble previously purchased. Bernardo Ciuffagni - scalpellatore
o0201082.018vb 1423 giugno 2 Order to master sculptor to work on a gargoyle. Bernardo Ciuffagni - maestro di scultura
o0201083.005vc 1423 settembre 2 Order to place the statue of a prophet over the portal towards the Servites and revocation of contract for statue with Ciuffagni. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0201084.005vb 1423/4 febbraio 11 Contract for figure previously commissioned to Giovanni di Bartolo, absent from Florence for debts, to Bernardo Ciuffagni with notification to the brother of said Giovanni to declare the expenditures incurred by Rosso in cutting it from the "masso" and transporting it to the port. Bernardo Ciuffagni - (scultore)
o0201084.012e 1424 aprile 4 Concession of a marble head to Ciuffagni. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0202001.052b 1426/7 (febbraio) 19 Authorization to the administrator to lend boards and hardware to sculptor. Bernardo Ciuffagni - (scultore)
o0202001.053b 1426/7 febbraio 28 Order to prepare stone base for the figure by Ciuffagni. Bernardo Ciuffagni - (scultore)
o0202001.064va 1427 agosto 5 Prohibition to dock the pay of the unskilled workers who are helping Ciuffagni clear out a chapel for his marble figure. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0202001.065e 1427 agosto 18 Partition of expenditures between a sculptor and the Opera for the transferral of the completed marble figure. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0202001.111vd 1429 agosto 20 Authorization to (sculptor) to work on the figure commissioned to him. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0202001.125b 1430 aprile 8 Order to clear out a chapel to allow work on a marble figure. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0202001.232b 1435 aprile 27 Order to put a statue on the front facade of the Duomo and another on the facade of the bell tower. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0202001.233vf 1435 maggio 10 Injunction to put the crown of marble on the figure of David on the front facade of the Duomo. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0204004.024o 1433 luglio 7 Prohibition to work on a (marble) figure. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0204004.025m 1433 luglio 17 Authorization to work to a marble figure. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0204004.025vn 1433 luglio 31 Payment to Ciuffagni to be made not before having paid up the debt for the purchase of a house. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0204004.026s 1433 agosto 11 Payment for a figure of David. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0204004.031b 1433 dicembre 23 Payment for a figure. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0204004.034s 1433/4 marzo 18 Payment for a figure. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0204009.080va 1423/4 febbraio 29 Payment to Ciuffagni for a figure. Bernardo Ciuffagni - maestro d'intaglio
o0204011.012e 1423 giugno 2 Order to (sculptor) to continue his work. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0204011.015vf 1423/4 febbraio 11 Record of the contract for figure previously given to Rosso assigned to Bernardo Ciuffagni. Bernardo Ciuffagni - maestro d'intaglio
o0204011.016vc 1424 marzo 29 Payment for a figure for a rainspout. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0204011.016vp 1424 aprile 4 Concession of a white marble head to Ciuffagni. Bernardo Ciuffagni - maestro d'intaglio
o0204011.027ve 1425 agosto 22 Definition of the subject to be represented in a statue. Bernardo Ciuffagni - maestro d'intaglio
o0204011.031b 1425 dicembre 18 Payment of freight for white marble brought from Pisa to Signa, with account transfer to credit of sculptor. Bernardo Ciuffagni - maestro d'intaglio
o0204012.053vf 1427 agosto 18 Payment to master for helping to unload the figure of Ciuffagni. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0204012.057vb 1427 ottobre 16 Payment for various expenditures. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0801001.061vb 1434 ottobre 4 Account of Donatello for designing an oculus for the chapel of Saint Zenobius. Bernardo Ciuffagni
o0801001.088va 1434 novembre 26 Collective account with various motives. Bernardo Ciuffagni
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