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Parte Guelfa



o0801002.047vb 1435 agosto 26 Account of a carpenter with no indication of motive.
o0201072.025va 1417/8 marzo 3 Authority granted temporarily to two wardens except for pardons.
o0201075.031vb 1419 giugno 2 Authorization to lend stumps.
o0201072.029c 1417/8 marzo 21 Authorization to sell white marble.
o0201075.027vh 1419 maggio 12 Authorization to sell white marble.
o0202001.246e 1435 dicembre 30 Authorization to the wardens of the Parte Guelfa to cut lumber in the forest and brand it to distinguish it from that of the count of Poppi.
o0202001.158vc 1432 aprile 24 Authorization to transfer the altarpiece of the Guild of the Masters to another altar and permission to have mass celebrated there.
o0202001.249b 1435/6 febbraio 22 Commission to the master builder for seats for the captains of Parte Guelfa and the consuls of the Wool Guild for the consecration of the Duomo.
o0202001.245vd 1435 dicembre 16 Commission to two (wardens) to rent out houses of the cloister to two chaplains.
o0201075.007c 1418/9 febbraio 8 Installation of shields with civic arms in Santa Maria Novella in the papal apartment.
o0201075.016d 1419 aprile 5 Measure for the placement of shields with arms in the Pope's residence.
o0201076.028c 1419 novembre 7 Order to prepare annually a seat where the captains of Parte Guelfa can hear mass on the feast day of San Martino.
o0201075.046va 1418/9 marzo 17 Payment for paintings of arms and other paintings for Santa Maria Novella.
o0204008.016vd 1418 aprile 6 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204009.038vb 1422 ottobre 7 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204009.062a 1423 giugno 17 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204009.070a 1423 settembre 16 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204013.078va 1434 agosto 27 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204013.119a 1435/6 marzo 2 Payment for petty expenses.
o0201076.047vd 1419 agosto 7 Payment for sculpture of three shields at the Pope's residence.
o0204012.113f 1429 agosto 20 Payment to master for adjustments to the seats of the Parte Guelfa.
o0204008.051va 1419 agosto 7 Payment to stone worker for sculpture of three shields for the Pope's residence.
o0204012.127vc 1429/30 febbraio 27 Payment to the master builder for work done at the Parte Guelfa.
o0204012.132va 1430 maggio 18 Payment to the master builder for work done for the Parte Guelfa.
o0202001.124va 1430 marzo 30 Registration of the daily wages of masters who went to work for the captains of Parte Guelfa.
o0202001.179b 1434 aprile 22 Revocation of demand of payment for marble utilized for arms installed at La Verna.
o0202001.034d 1426 giugno 5 Sale of wax offered for the feast of Saint Zenobius.
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