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o0201070b.061e 1417 giugno 16 Guaranty for debt for new gabelles of the rector of Coiano in Florence and Castelfiorentino. Text: constare in actis curie Potestatis dicti loci
o0201074.025vf 1418 ottobre 24 Esenzione from the new gabelles by resolution made by the office of the comptrollers. Text: Salvatoris de Vernaiolo curie Castri Gelli, continens
o0201074.029vb 1418 novembre 24 Release of arrested person for debts of the Commune of Pisa because his is a lawyer of the pontifical curia. Text: etiam est advocatus curie romane, relapsetur.
o0201077.013a 1419/20 gennaio 29 Prohibition to demand payment for debt for property gabelle and forced loans, with correction of account entry. Text: in actis dicte curie Mercantie. Et quod
o0201077.037vb 1420 aprile 19 Letter to the Podestà and the Commune of Campi for release of debtor and information on guaranty provided. Text: pro dirictu sue curie summat soldos decem
o0201077.037vc 1420 aprile 19 Letter to the Podestà of Bibbiena for guaranty to be provided by debtors. Text: in actis sue curie manu eius notarii
o0201079.031a 1421 ottobre 11 Term of payment for the notaries' contract at the civil court of the Podestà of Pisa. Text: notariis banchi civilium curie potestatis Pisarum debitoribus
o0201079.086d 1421 settembre 23 Guaranty with approval for contract for chestnut trees. Text: Francisci de Vierle curie Sancti Lorini comitatus
o0201080.005c 1421/2 gennaio 12 Letter to the Podestà of Pisa for summons of the notaries of the civil court. Text: notariis banchi civilium curie Potestatis Pisarum ab
o0201080.011e 1421/2 febbraio 6 Request of legal counsel about whether or not payment of 4 denari per lira is due from the notaries of the civil court of the Podestà of Pisa. Text: notarios banchi civilium curie Potestatis civitatis Pisarum
o0201080.019c 1421/2 marzo 17 Summons of the notaries who bought the gabelle of the civil court of Pisa for the payment of the 4 denari per lira due to the Opera in accordance with legal counsel obtained. Text: banchi iuris civilium curie civitatis Pisarum emerunt
o0201080.084vb 1422 giugno 12 Guaranty for debt for gabelle of the civil court of Pisa. Text: gabelle banchi civilium curie Potestatis Pisarum in
o0201081.021d 1422 settembre 22 Order to the debt collectors to demand payment of debtors outside the city with open letter to the rectors of the countryside and definition of their rights. Text: eorum familiarium et curie a gravandis tantum
o0202001.045b 1426 ottobre 25 Term of payment given to a debtor. Text: fictaiuolo mansionis templi curie Layatichi debitricis dicte
o0202001.089ve 1428 agosto 20 Term of payment to the collegiate church of San Pietro di Marcignana. Title: Petri de Marcignana curie Sancti Miniatis
o0202001.098g 1428 dicembre 29 Order to wall up two doors of the court of the Visdomini. Title: Quod remurentur porte curie de Bisdominis
o0202001.098g 1428 dicembre 29 Order to wall up two doors of the court of the Visdomini. Text: teneantur duas portas curie de Bisdominis et
o0202001.102a 1428/9 gennaio 9 Acceptance of legal counsel given on house of the Cortigiani. Text: in solutum auctoritate curie, preclusa est via
o0202001.142b 1431 maggio 9 Cancellation of debt and release of an arrested person. Text: per acta dicte curie nec per constitutiones
o0202001.173va 1428 luglio 15 Approval of resolution for the construction of a tomb monument in a new chapel to be dedicated to Saint Zenobius. Text: Zenobii ac totius curie Paradisi super dicto
o0202001.191vd 1432 dicembre 3 Extinction of demand of payment and new procedure of notification of debt for the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova. Text: gloriose totique sue curie Paradisi gratissimum, et
o0202001.195vo 1432/3 marzo 4 Prohibition to demand payment. Text: Florentie et eius curie.
o0202001.211vi 1433/4 marzo 22 Revocation of demand of payment on a house. Text: et possidet auctoritate curie Communis Florentie et
o0202001.234d 1435 maggio 17 Gilding of the lion over the stairs of the Pope's residence. Title: Quod leo schale curie habitationis Pape auretur
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